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Initiating Combat

There are four basic ways that you can find yourself in a combat situation.

You may be attacked outright by an aggressive monster. In this case you can choose to stand and fight or run away. To fight, you must right-click on the monster and click the Attack icon.

If you are challenged by another player, you will see a window appear that allows you to either accept or decline the challenge. Once the duel has begun, you will need to target the other player and attack them in the same way you would attack a monster. If your guild and your opponent's guild are at war, no challenge will be necessary for them to attack you!

In the case you want to fight another player you will need to challenge them to a duel, unless your guild and your target's guild are at war. To challenge, use the command /challenge when you have your opponent targeted. You will be notified once they have accepted or declined. If they accept then the fight is on!


During combat, attacker and victim can change their combat stance, focusing more on attack or on defense. There are five possible combat stances:


In bloody attack the player focuses all his or her ability on attacking. All blocking, movement and dodging ability gets transferred to attack.


In aggressive attack the player focuses his ability more on attacking then defending. His or her blocking ability gets transferred to attack as well as some of movement and dodging ability.


This is the standard, default attack. Attack and defence are as per skills and stats.


In defensive attack the player focuses his or her ability more on defending than attacking. Attacking ability gets transferred to blocking, along with some movement and agility.

Full Defensive

In full defence the player focuses all his or her ability on defending. All attacking ability, movement and agility is transferred to blocking and avoiding attacks.

You can change your attack stance using the /attack command. You can specify the stance using /attack 1 (Bloody) up to /attack 5 (Full Defensive). You can change your stance anytime during combat.


In the world of Yliakum, death is not the end.

When you die through mishap or attack you will reappear in the Death Realm.

Combat Example

In this section we will guide you through a possible encounter with a Rat.

Pictured below is our first encounter with a Rat. Be careful though - the Rat will notice your presence and attack!


The first thing to do is right-click on the Rat with your mouse, and then choose Attack from the action menu when it appears:


Now the fight is on! Keep a careful eye on your health and your opponent's health always. if your health gets too low, you will need to heal or run away!

Finally we have killed the Rat. Now we can loot the corpse. By looting the corpses of monsters that you kill, you can acquire items to sell or trade for money with which you can purchase equipment.


To loot a corpse, right click on it and when the action menu appears, choose Loot.


A window will appear displaying the items that can be looted from the corpse. Take whichever items you want and then you can close the window.


Use the right button to take specific items and the left button to randomly distribute the loot among your Group.

You cannot loot a corpse that was not killed by yourself or a member of your Group.

Bear in mind that eventually the corpse will disappear from the world, and the monster may reappear. You will need to loot the corpse before that happens.