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The magical energy in Yliakum is divided into six ways of arcane: Crystal Way, Azure Way, Red Way, Dark Way, Brown Way and Blue Way.


The Ways of Magic


Each Way has a particular color and a mental stat associated. The three mental stats linked to magic are: Charisma, Intelligence and Willpower. They give bonuses to the casting of spells that pertain to that way.

Each way is composed of a set of spells and each spell can be casted by a wizard thanks to the combination of a set of runes, called "glyphs". The spells of a particular Way are related to the same energy and the same concepts (Water, Air or Healing, Drain). They produce either a direct damage or a damage over time on the opponent.

The ways are all somewhat linked by relationship of opposition or attraction. A specific way opposes another and is "friendly" with two others (ie. Crystal Way opposes Dark Way and is friendly with Blue and Azure Way). Therefor, each spell giving a buff for a given time will provide at least a small way resistance (ie. Casting a Red Way "Strength" spell on yourself will also protect you slightly againt Blue Way).

Crystal Way (CW)

Users of this Way, get the pure energy of the Crystal, more directly than all other Ways. Famous for the ability to heal, and cure the most terrible wounds, people have said that if you reach a great knowledge, you can even bring back a person from death. Nonetheless there are many powerful offensive spells, particularly effective against evil and dark creatures. While warriors and farmers with injured animals are more then happy to see these practitioners around; around most towns people feel the appearance of these practitioners is a bad omen of bad times to come.

CrystalWay.png Glyph Colour Focus Gameplay Mental Stat Relationships
White Energy, Life and Light Buff Self & Allies, Direct Damage, Direct Healing Charisma Opposed to: Dark Way

Friendly with: Blue & Azure Way

Dark Way (DW)

This Way is one that conquers more myth then any of the others. Its practitioners have a history of being the most innovative of any practitioners of the Ways of Magic, but with all innovation there is both good and bad. It's well known that many disasters and epidemics were caused by the adepts of this ancient Way. Holding some spells with terrifying effects, things can become even worse if you lose the control of its power. Some spells enable the control of horrific creatures, such as undead, demons and spirits, whilst some enable the caster to control objects and people in a subtle manner at distance.

DarkWay.png Glyph Colour Focus Gameplay Mental Stat Relationships
Black Entropy, Death and Darkness Fear & Debuff, Drain, Direct Damage and Damage Over Time Charisma Opposed to: Crystal Way

Friendly with: Brown & Red Way

Azure Way (AW)

Basically a sneaky and insidious energy, the Azure Way can control the will, the perceptions and the intentions of any intelligent being. It's power comes from the deep knowledge of the mind and the way to influence it, but it relies also on the mind's potential to influence the surrounding areas and objects, particularly all that is related to the air element.

AzureWay.png Glyph Colour Focus Gameplay Mental Stat Relationships
Light Blue Mind, Illusion and Air element Charm & Buff NPCs, Paralyzation, Minor Direct Damage and Damage Over Time Will Opposed to: Brown Way

Friendly with: Crystal & Red Way

Red Way (RW)

The spellcaster is able to invoke the power of Chaos, and to bend to his/her/kra's will the devastating fury of fire, summoning it for its both damaging and purifying qualities. Spells of the Red Way can also instil courage and strength into companions or other creatures. Most spells in this Way are fire related, and the majority of metal workers have knowledge of it.

RedWay.png Glyph Colour Focus Gameplay Mental Stat Relationships
Red Strength, Chaos & Fire element Major Direct Damage, Combat Buffs Will Opposed to: Blue Way

Friendly with: Azure & Dark Way

Blue Way (BlW)

Many diseases and poisons would be incurable without the help of the spells of this Way. The offensive and defensive potential of this art reside mainly on the control of the water element, but also of cold and ice that are strictly related to it. Equally inestimable are the divination spells that can provide very useful information on the past, present and future.

BlueWay.png Glyph Colour Focus Gameplay Mental Stat Relationships
Blue Divination, Purification and Water element Immobilize, Major Damage Over Time, Healing Over Time, Polymorph Intelligence Opposed to: Red Way

Friendly with: Brown & Crystal Way

Brown Way (BrW)

The glyphs of this Way give to the wizard the ability to cast different protective spells, to summon natural creatures and some monsters and to influence their will. This Way is really close to the element of Earth and can control all that's related to it. Users can call nature spirits for assistance or mark themselves and allies as friends of nature.

BrownWay.png Glyph Colour Focus Gameplay Mental Stat Relationships
Brown Nature, Protective magic and Earth element Defensive Buff, Summon Monster, Direct Damage, Immobilization, Minor Polymorph Intelligence Opposed to: Azure Way

Friendly with: Blue & Dark Way

Casting a Spell

The Glyphs

At the beginning of Yliakum History, the god Talad, forged pure magical energy into shapes called "Glyphs". They form the base of Yliakum magic.

  • No spell can be casted without a glyph.

They are found in nature with no real explanation, no one knows exactly why they form but when some type of energy is strongly present in one place a glyph can form. Glyphs patterns appear on very different materials from a leaf to the fur of an animal and usually on any type of rock.

During the centuries many glyphs have been found and studied by the wizards. They discovered that each glyph can create a spell effect and that several glyphs can be combined to obtain greater effects. To simplify casting of spells, the glyphs are associated with a concept (ie. "Weight") and wizards combine those concepts to form new spells (ie. "Weight" and "Negate" to become very light).

Nowadays, glyphs can be found rendering services to the people of Yliakum or can be bought to mages like Levrus Dahrenn in the magic shop for the more basic of them. The more rare and powerfull glyphs can be obtained by joining a Way Circle (school of magic) and follow its path to the Mastery of a particular Way.

  • The glyphs purchased or rewarded will appear in your Inventory and be visible in the Glyphs Window in your Spell Book.



To use a glyph, the wizard must apply a process of Purification, which take some time. The Purification establish a strong link in between the wizard and his glyph. If he dies, the glyphs will be taken to the Death Realm with him. A wizard can trade a glyph, but the recipient will need to purify the glyph as well to create a new magic link and be able to use it.

  • To purify a glyph, open the Glyph window from your Spell Book.
  • Drag the glyph and drop it on the button called: Purify.
  • When the Purification is done, you will see a message in your Chat Window > System Tab and your glyph will be surrounded of a white aura.

Researching a Spell


Once you have one or more glyphs, you can start to research spells. To be discovred, a spell can ask one glyph or a combinaison of up to 3 glyphs.

Shown on this pic is the glyph window of your Spell Book. The six main boxes will content the glyphs of the six ways of magic. The small row of boxes at the bottom of the window is where you put glyphs in order to combine or purify them.

  • To discover a spell, drag one or several glyphs in the small row of boxes at the bottom of the window and hit the button called: Research.
  • When you effectivly discovred a spell, its name and description will appear.
  • Once discovred, the spell will automatically be added in your Spell Book. You wont have to research it again to cast it.

In this example, the Blue Way glyph "Cold" has been placed in the box and the wizard has discovred the spell called "Freeze".

  • If you fail to discover a spell it might be for several raison : the combinaison of glyphs isn't right; you have not trained that way of magic high enough; or the glyph isn't purified.

Researching a spell is dangerous for the wizard. In effect, it ask a lot of mental focus and the strong magical energy at work may wound an unwary magician.


There are two great categories of spells available to the wizards: the enhancing spells that we call "buffs" and the attack spells.

The enhancing spells like "Rock Armor" (Brown Way) are made to be cast on the wizard. They enhance one health or stamina or increase one defensive ability. Some of those spells can be cast on friends, like "Life Infusion" (CW).

The attack spells like "Flame Burst" (RW) are made to defeat enemies. Some are efficient in close range, some in very long range. Those spells can be cast on players too in case of PvP (player versus player).

The process to cast a spell is as follow:

  • Select your character or an enemy NPC
  • Open your spell book, select the spell you wish to cast and click Cast Spell.

There is many ways to make this operation less long. The quickest one is to create a shortcut of the spell you plan to use a lot.

  • Once you clicked on the chosen spell, a count down window will appear. When it is finished, the spell will be cast.

Magic Mechanism

Type of Damage

Spells and Magical effects can have different type of effects:

Direct Damage (DD): direct damage is applied as soon as the spell has been cast. Red Way offensive spells usually deal direct damage.

Damage over Time (DoT): this damage is applied over a period of time. Starting from when the spells has been successfully cast and until the spell duration runs out, the target HPs are constantly reduced. Blue Way offensive spells usually deal damage over time. This type of damage usually deal more damage than an equivalent realm spell, on the other side the duration can allow the target to try to heal itself or dispel the offensive spell.

Damage and Saving Throws

When a spell deals damage may allow the opponent to roll a saving throw to reduce the amount of damage sustained; this saving throw is made by the server confronting the caster and the target knowledge of the spell's magic way (e.g. Crystal Magic) plus a random factor: the higher is the target's knowledge of the way the higher is the chance to succeed the roll. When a target successfully roll the save the spell damage is usually halved. If a spell which deals damage does not allow for a saving throw roll, that spell will usually deal about 70% less damage than an equivalent spell (same realm and same magic way).

Fountain.png Tip: The higher is your knowledge in a way the higher is your chance to counter or avoid damage and effects of the same way.

Magic Resistance


Spell Power

(under construction) The spell caster can decide to channel more mana into casting by setting the additional spell power, allowing the caster to cast a more powerful spell.

The additional spell power factor is expressed as a percentage value, from 0% to 100%. If you set an additional spell power factor of 50% then you will channel an additional 50% of the base mana requirement for a spell into the spell.

The more you push the additional spell power, the more you must have affinity with the ways and its associated Mental Stat to control the effects. The power level of the spell is raised by the additional spell power, so the spell will be more powerful.

The use of additional spell power has the side-effect that the spell can fizzle or even produce damages to the caster, depending on how much the spell goes out of control.

To set your additional spell power, use the slider in your Status Window.

Spellcasting Time


Enchanted items

Glyphs can be used in combination with special Enchanters to imbue crystals (ruby, sapphire, emerald and diamond) with magical powers. These crystals held or set on items during their particular crafting stage. Once set the enchanted gem bestow its magical power on the enchanted item. Each gem can be enchanted with only one glyph at time, therefore a single item cannot be enchanted with more than a single way.

Weapons & Shields

Weapons usually empower the weapon's damage type and add a special ability. The following list associate the damage type with the related magic way:

  • Blue Way & Red Way: slash damage
  • Crystal Way & Dark Way: pierce damage
  • Azure Way & Brown Way: blunt damage

More powerful enchantments can also bestow the weapon the following effects:

  • Blue Way: deals extra frost damage (Red Way Magic Resistance protects against this extra damage)
  • Crystal Way: deals extra light damage and gives a Disorientation debuff (Dark Way Magic Resistance protects against this extra damage)
  • Azure Way: drains Mana (Brown Way Magic Resistance protects against this extra damage)
  • Red Way: deals extra fire damage (Blue Way Magic Resistance protects against this extra damage)
  • Dark Way: drains HP (Crystal Way Magic Resistance protects against this extra damage)
  • Brown Way: drains Strength (Azure Way Magic Resistance protects against this extra damage)


Enchanted Armors gives Magic Resistance against the way opposed to the enchanted glyph. More powerful glyphs can also give magic resistance against ways friendly toward the opposed way, therefore a single piece of armor can have magic resistance against up to three ways. Like weapons a magic way empower the related protection type.


Enchanted Jewels empower skills related to the magic way used to enchant, below there is the list of way related skills:

Azure Way

  • Empathy
  • Set Traps
  • Find Traps
  • Knives & Daggers
  • Light Armor

Blue Way

  • Pottery
  • Masonry
  • Fishing
  • Heavy Armors

Brown Way

  • Harvesting
  • Leatherworking
  • Tailoring
  • Light Armor

Crystal Way

  • Musical Instrument
  • Hide in Shadows
  • Drawing
  • Medium Armor

Dark Way

  • Pickpockets
  • Repair Armors
  • Backstab
  • Medium Armor

Red Way

  • Tool Making
  • Blacksmith
  • Jewelry Making
  • Repair Tools
  • Heavy Armor

In Character References

Lexicon.jpg In game, a couple of books refer to Magic. They can be found in the famous Hydlaa library owned by the Ylian Jayose or in the magic shop of Levrus:
  • History of Magic Vol 1: The Birth
  • History of Magic Vol 2: The Taming
  • History of Magic Vol.3: The Invasions
  • History of Magic Vol.4: The Heresy
  • History of Magic Vol.5: The Ways