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The Shindrok Crater Project is a community effort, leaded by Tuathanach (Associate Developer in the Rules Department) and Zunna (Game Master and Associate Developer in the Rules Department). The project is approved by the whole developers team and its leader Talad. Its goal is to provide an entire dungeon universe to PlaneShift, entirely designed by volunteer players.

Shindrok Crater

Project Organisation

How to participate ?

If you want to participate to the Shindrok Project, you just have to contact Tuathanach or Zunna via Private Message on PlaneShift Forum or on IRC at #ps-shindrok. The team will then fill you in the details toward your choices. You can create a character and write their quest, design areas (see the Location section on this page), create and develop items and activities proper to the characters.

If you have ideas or wish to add categories in this page, do not hesitate to contact us, we are open to any proposition. The team will update this page regularly along the project progresses.

How is it organised ?

The Shindrok Crater Project (SCP) is now at the second step of its development. For now, the team is focused on creating a group of cutthroats, in details. Here are the tasks the volunteers followed so far:

Step One - Complete

So far, the Shindrok Crater team created 10 NPCs, with their 10 very unique personalities and descriptions as well as 10 entire new quests to go with. The volunteers conceptualized their characters, designed their behaviour, imagined their interaction with player through a quest and learned how to code that quest.

Step Two

Task 1

  • Imagine Items fitting in the crater universe, items that rogues could be using: in everyday life (Meals, Brews, tools), for illegal commerce, items they could fence or search for.

Task 2

  • Design the recipe, if needs be for one, using the most possible, ingredients already existing in PlaneShift. We will furnish a list of unused parts if needed. To create the recipe or crafting process, take inspiration in existing ones.
  • Send your creation to Tuathanach and Zunna for validation through out mail or IRC channel #ps-shindrok.

Task 3

  • When the items are validated, incorporate them in a typical "Rules sheet". We will accompany each volunteer in that task.

Coming Soon

  • Design of the characters schedule (i.e. Cutthroat A. 6am Wake up and go to Bar Area / 8am Go to his working spot / etc.). The characters will interact in their daily schedule as a true society.
  • Description and design of the cutthroats cave's spaces (bar, guard post, training area, etc.)
  • Dive deeper in the dungeon and meet another, more shadowy, group of bandits.
  • Elaborate the boss.

Project Content : Characters

Starter quests - Elements of background : Dark rumors spread all over the cities : Shindrok the mad mage is back. For a couple of weeks, merchants, travelers and caravans have been violently assaulted on the road to Ojaveda, people and beasts with throats cut, and goods plundered. As these attacks exclusively occur around the infamous crater, not far from the Irifon river, rumors have spread that Shindrok is back and haunting the place. As part of the [merchant OR thief OR guard] community, you hear about those rumors, feel the fear that shakes most of the people. The guards have been forbidden to take the road to Ojaveda, most merchants, caravaners and furnishers refuse to work again along this trade route and the business is going downhill for the rogues, the pressure on the whole community grow as most goods start to be missing. As a trusted part of [chosen community] you are asked by one of its key figures to investigate the "Shindrok case" by the way of infiltration. You learn, via a rather unsavory character, that a group of bandits installed their quarter in the very crater. Only one way for you to know more: infiltrate their lair.

The Jade Cutthroats

The bandits installed in the crater have a hierarchical society organized in 3 entities. The cutthroat group is made of 10 people and is the first the player will meet. Called Jade Cutthroats, they are common cutthroats, slightly more trained then usual ones. They are in charge of the illegal items crafting and trade.

Cutthroat Role Description KA's Quest
Acckin Theine [by Demagul] Cook You see a male Jade Cutthroat in front of you named Ackkin Theine. A tall and thin Ylian, he stands at almost two meters. He is dressed in a surprisingly spotless grey cloak with a hood that is almost always down. He stands tall and proud, but he has a very casual, relaxed atmosphere around him with the strong smell of beer, wine and gobo oil. He usually has a fairly young and cheerful facial expression with narrow cheeks and salted black beard scruff. His hair is an oily black, with the occasional grey streak. Complete Complete
Coub Yrotha [by Tuathanach] Trainer A tough looking mature Ynwnn who seems to never stray from the training area. He has a rugged appearance with scars that decorate his face, and carries a straight militaristic posture. His posture serves to enhance his height. Standing at 2.25m and built like an alpha male Ulbernaut . A wide variety of weapons are sheathed on his person, including a dagger, a sword, a mace, and a bronze shield, which barley is the length of his thigh making it look like a buckler on him. His fists are larger than the head of the rusted mace he carries, and look more deadly. He looks sweaty, possibly from strenuous combat training. There is a small dirty metallic object pinned to the shoulder of his chain mail armor, possibly an old Hydlaa Guard sergeant's badge. Complete Complete
Darl Skeltor [by Zunna] Cutthroat Leader Before you, is a young long-limbed ethereal female lemur. She "floats" gracefully around in a long silk robe that barely sketches her body shapes or contrast with her pale azure skin. Her fine straight light blue hairs are set free, thought finely adorned of intricate hair jewels. Darl wears platinium steel jewels set of gemstones, which colour matches always with the robe that she chose for the day. Her blue doe-eyed face is almost childlike and she often has a mischievous grin. With her delicate hands, her soft manners, her petite mouth, she might give the impression to be fragile and weak. Complete Complete
Dral Skeltor [by Tuathanach] Cutthroat Leader A young Lemur is before you. Dressed in a fine silk outfit, deep green in colour with gold thread stitched intricately into the trim. Attached to his belt is a fine leather pouch, which has scrolls and sheets of paper evidently sticking out. Often he is seen reading through his papers or working at his bench. His Azure skin and light hair appear well looked after. Complete Complete
Draulius Vhargon [by Azeron] Door Guard A strong looking man in dirty clothing stands watch, keeping his eyes stuck on the entrance and seldom looking away, being a guard of some sort. His hand rests idly on the hilt of his weapon, a bloodied steel falchion. He is mostly shrouded by his garments, including his face, where only cold eyes peer out from beneath the wrappings. His muscles are well-pronounced even beneath his outfit, and he's almost always drinking from a mug of beer in his hand Complete Complete
Ladoria Uuz [by Zunna] Bar Maid You cannot help but notice Ladoria. She is tall, looks overall vulgar and has a ball of magic light permanently shining above her head. Despite her allure, she is discrete and immediately gives this feeling of familiarity to everyone she meet. Ladoria is a podgy Ynnwn, whom willingly show off her generous body in a very low-cut leather and cotton corseted red dress which worn skirt edges come cover her boots tip. She added a mismatching fine leather belt to hang a clean rag and a leather pouch from which she draws the leaves that she’s constantly chewing. She has no horns as most Ynnwn but a typical Diaboli red tail that seems to move according to her emotion. Her long thick red hairs fall in her back in an impressive cascade, forming a setting to what could have been a natural beauty face if it weren’t covered with a thick layer of make up. Not a centimeter of her skin isn’t hidden behind a light brown foundation cream, her eyes are imprisoned in between large black eyeliner strokes, crushed by a bright red eye shadow powder and its matching lipstick. Even if the make up is applied with care it feels almost like a mask. She adorns no jewels out of a long steel chain which pendant is a small box. Complete Complete
Rakr Achkin [by Ecthion Felagund] Storeman Rakr is an older Ylian man, perhaps about 70 years of age. His long and narrow face is framed by neatly trimmed light grey hair, which is pulled past his ears in a tidy fashion and hangs to about mid-neck. Blue-grey eyes, with bushy eyebrows the colour of his hair, peer out of a pair of steel-rimmed spectacles perched on the end his long and sharply pointed nose. He wears a plain white linen shirt with the cuffs rolled up to mid-forearm and the collar undone. The shirt is tucked neatly into his brown homespun pants, which are held up by a pair of leather suspenders. His boots, fairly new and rising to about mid-calf height, are tucked under his pant legs. In his left hand he usually holds a large piece of parchment with sums and lists scribbled all over it, which he frequently refers to and marks with a sharp Kikiri quill pen. His hands are clean, albeit often smudged with ink from the pen, and his fingernails are trimmed. His clean and well-groomed appearance may make him look a bit out of place amongst the rogue band. Despite his age, he seems to be a high-energy person. His eyes constantly dart to and fro, and his movements are quick and decisive. Complete Complete
Riell Denz [by Zunna] Brewer From his 1m75 tall, Riell imposes a good-humored look and a mischievous grin which might give the feeling that he is always at ease. He speaks in a firm and loud tone and uses Hydlaan slang vocabulary which might be hard to understand for the non familiar. He wears cotton pants with suspenders on a short-sleeved shirt and a black felt hat that he wears slightly tilted on the left. This mature man is firmly planted in his pair of old leather ankle boots that he drags noisily on the floor. A thick falling light brown mustache completes the picture. Riell is robust; his muscles structure is of an energetic body, rather from the work he does then from martial exercise. There is apparently no weapon on his person. When he's working at the brewing station, Riell wears a long linen stained apron and felt gaiters. Complete Complete
Samray Serkal [by Tuathanach] Door Guard A ragged female stands before you, she appears on edge. She is slight of build and stands about 1.8m tall. Aging her is quite hard she looks to be in her forties. She is dressed in what looks were once fine clothes, but are well worn and soiled. Her armor was once fine quality leather, now is patched with poor ragged patches. Over the top she has a green hooded cloak which is badly stained. Round her neck is a silver chain. On her back you see an Ynnwn Short bow. Round her right thigh is her quiver. Tucked into her belt at her left hip is a dagger. She also has a small satchel which rests on her right hip. Despite all the leather and cloak you can tell that she is extremely thin, her fingers which are protruding from her gloves look almost skeletal. Beneath her hood you can see she is very pale with almost colourless skin. Her pale green eyes staring out, scanning what is going on, never quite resting or relaxing. Her hair is a greenish hue of silver from the tufts sticking out you can tell it is wavy. Like her eyes, she is restless. She is often muttering to herself when no one is near. She appears to take solace in her hip flask, which she clutches in her left hand, sipping from it occasionally Complete Complete
Trilam Darkstar [by Azeron] Smith A short but stout man who tirelessly works away at his smithy. His hands and face are smeared with grime, and the precision with which he uses his tools implies great skill. Despite the sweating hot conditions of the forge, he strikes the anvil vigorously. His outfit is worn and tattered from arduous work, and a long dirty beard protrudes from a wide slit at the bottom of his mask as if he has done nothing but work for a long time Complete Complete

The Jade Serpents

The Second and top tier of bandit in the society. More specialist, a group of elite bandits. Working directly from instructions under the boss.

Serpent Role Description KA's Quest

Project Content: Locations

Each entity will have a dedicated location and each character a particular place in this location, defined toward his role in the community.

The Jade Cutthroats Cave

The cutthroats are based in a cave inside the crater. They are organised in a society with their warehouse, living and dining area, bar, etc... Each of these aspects will have to be imagined and furnished.

The Guard Post

Where the goods and caravans are first brought. All those that come and go are watched over by Samray and Draulius. The Cutthroats have installed a rampway to make maneuvering carts easier.

Training Area and Armory

Coub's domain with its own fighting pit, weapon rack and training equipment.


This area is where goods are taken and sorted by Rakr. Beware delving too deeply into storage area for dangers lurk.

Smithing and Tanning Area

Complete with all your basic needs including Trilam, the smith.

Brewing Area

Riell's laboratory in two areas, the first being all that is needed for brewing your standard ales. He also has a second area he uses for his experiments.

Bar and Dining Area

Where you will be greeted by Ladoria and Acckin. They have seated tables and all the facilities you would expect of a tavern, except this is in a cave. Hope you are patient, Acckin is not the quickest at cooking.

Sleeping Quarters

Where they sleep.

Cutthroats Leaders Living Area

Welcome to Darl, her pets and also her brother Dral. These two young Lemurs are waiting for you to serve.

The Jade Serpents Cave

The serpents have a separate cave, which helps keep their business safe and away from the cutthroats.

Project Content: Items

The projects goal is to create a whole « rogue » universe with its characters, its particular locations and its specific items. Keeping in mind the resources of Planeshift and using elements already existing, the volunteers can create new content that will fit in the project.

The Jade Cutthroats Goods

As a rogue organization, the cutthroats participate to a general goal that is defined by their chief. Mostly, this low group of bandits is asked to steal or craft items that will serve them to provide goods, be it cooking recipes, brews, weapons, etc.

Cooking Recipes

  • Rat Stew


  • Rotgut