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Adjectives and Adverbs

In Stonebreaker, adjectives (that describe things) and adverbs (that describe adjectives) take the same form. So, gara means both 'good' and 'well'. Both adjectives and adverbs precede the word they describe. More often than not they are joined to the word. See the following examples:

Ei Garabarl. This is good ale - gara + Barl.

Garak. He works well - gara + ak.

Adjectives are most often formed from type II nouns. Type II nouns that end in -im are formed by removing the im. Others are formed by removing the m. Examples:

noun adjective/adverb
Garam Goodness gara good/well
Rodem greatness rode big, great/greatly
Felim joy fel happy/happily

Other adjectives include colours:

Stonebreaker Translation
Asera Azure
Bruna Brown
Rora Red
Seana Blue
Vrda Green
Alba White
Berna Yellow

There are also some miscellaneous adverbs:

Al - down: Alvoy - he looks down
Alt - before (in time) Õm altveneloo - he arrived before me
Avers - away from Averido' - Go away
Ber - beside Bersted Arbem He lives beside the forest
El - near, by Elei Akkaiom - he is near Akkaio
Est - here Estyõ - I am here
Im - in Imid Barldomol - He goes into the tavern
Lan - now Lanido' - Go now
Lon - then Lonpeleloo - Then he spoke
Ost - there Ostei - It's there
Ot - through Otideloo Plakkertol - He went though the square
Subit - suddenly Subit morteloo - he died suddenly
Ver - towards Vervoy Bergertth He looks towards the hills