Stonebreaker Language/Vocabulary/Useful Phrases

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Hello: Dõvoy' (lit I see you)
Hello (in reply): Estyõ (lit I am here)
Welcome: Garaveno'
How are you? Kalid? (lit How goes it?)
I am well: Idõm gara (lit It goes for me well) Often shortened to Garid or Gara!
Good Luck: Dol Garartth (lit good things to you)
(plural is Sothel Garartth)
Farewell: Garido'
Good Morning: Garamatta
Good day: Garadi'
Good evening: Garas
Goodnight: Garanot'


I am a Stonebreaker: Yõ Perrakithor (lit I am of they who work stone)
The Stonebreaker race: Perrakith
The Stonebreaker language: Pel Perrakithor (lit Speak of those who work stone)
I am Arka: Pelith or <Arka> (lit they speak of me Arka)
Who is this?: K'ei?
This is Elesiy: Ei Elesiy
We have met: Dõvoyelõ (lit I have seen you)

Thank you

Garamdor, Garamdorth (lit your goodness)
Don õl Felim (lit it gives me joy)


Irimor (lit if [as] you want)
Irimorth (plural)
Irdon dol Felim (If it gives you pleasure)
Irdon sothel Felim (plural)


Pekol! (lit To smallness!)
A' Fel! (Be happy!)
Felimor (To Joy!)
N'algol (Good health! - lit to no pain)