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Talad is one of the Gods in PlaneShift.


Talad has been described as being like an ebony statue, with powerful muscles and long, proportioned bones. Thick black curls cascade down over his broad shoulders and down his back, and a thick gold armlet clasps his right bicep.


Together with Laanx, Talad shaped the cave that is now Yliakum. After Laanx created the Lemurs, Talad used the power of Yliakum's Azure Sun to create the Kran, but because he could not control its energy, he disfigured Laanx in the process. Laanx left to wander the Stone Labyrinths, rejecting Talad's entreaties to return. Eventually Talad gave up any hope to be reconciled and, now alone, turned his thoughts to the people they had created. While waiting for the peoples that the god Vodùl had sent to Yliakum, Talad forged magical power into many shapes: the glyphs. After all of Yliakum's races had arrived, Laanx returned. In response to the Lemur building the Iron Temple in Hydlaa, Talad created his own temple, using the power of the glyphs to mold it out of rock.


Talad's worshipers value love and patience, and are generous with their skills and goods to those who are in need. Talad followers foster peace and are often found resolving conflicts. Talad's value of generosity makes him popular with lower classes. People attracted to this faith:

  • Scholars
  • Diplomats
  • Crusaders for Good
  • Musicians
  • Artists
  • Miners and Smiths
  • Guards
  • Crystal and Blue Way Mages
  • Menial workers and poor people
  • Many Enkidukai and Kran of all professions.