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In the story on the website, it says that during the creation of the Kran, Laanx was injured. It also says that Laanx left after being injured, followed by her lemurs. This would mean that the kran and lemurs developed separately, the Kran in caves of Ylkium, and the lemurs in the Stone Labyrinths in Kadaikos. Since there were most likely few lemurs who stayed (meaning they were Talad worshipers rather than Laanx worshipers), and few krans who followed (since Laanx wished to avoid all of Talad, therefore most likely his creation that destroyed her), they would not have mingled and therefore their languages would not mix. So I don't think it would be a good idea to make their languages the same, since it might easily be contrary to the setting.


Indeed Lemurs and Krans evolved separately and before arrival of first Lemur caravans to Gugrontid there were no contacts. But it maybe that Talad and Laanx taught both Lemurs and Krans language they (Laanx and Talad) knew. Anyway it should be some native language to be the base for modern Common language. If not Lemur or Kran then what?

--Grigori 07:44, 22 May 2009 (PDT)

I just imagine that after hundreds of years of separation, dialect and slang would mix in with the language, so that they would be almost unrecognizable to each other by the time they re-met. Also, since krans and lemurs are so different, new words needed for new meanings would have to be established, and useless words would be lost. I don't imagine that krans would have words for male and female, even if it was in the original language they were taught. And all this is under the assumption that they were both taught the same language, and they didn't develop their own tongue.


One more thing. There are few quests about Kran poetry. It is in Common. --Grigori 22:18, 24 May 2009 (PDT)

Could be modern poetry, not ancient poetry.


AFAIK (which may be outdated), not all Lemurs left Yliakum with Laanx. I've read that to mean about half, maybe 2/3rds, but definitely that a large population remained. Likewise, Kadaikos was not left, so most Lemurs just stayed there, which means that the Lemurs of Yliakum are mainly descendants of those who never left. The Kadaikos Lemurs probably will have changed their language over time (if only after Laanx' departure, if we assume that Laanx kept talking to them through whatever means), so if someone gets to Kadaikos, thay might have difficulties communicating, but given the religious differences, that might be the least of the problems. ;)

About the Kran poetry: that may simply be because nothing had been created to date. However, Kran will still need words for genders, since they, too, breed animals and plants. Seytra 19:41, 2 June 2010 (UTC)