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Overview of the changes

  • Make the tutorial an IC area for NPCs. All NPCs will be IC instead of OOC. For players the area will be their first try to be IC, and so we may expect them to speak OOC and ask for help.
  • Connect the tutorial area to the north-west door of hydlaa (the one to the left of Finara's door), so players can go there to help newbies. Players can re-enter in the tutorial area if they didn't finish it, or if they are flagged as "advisors" by GMs.
  • Spawn all new characters (also second and subsequent) in the tutorial, as it can be skipped with Xenak. This is to give them the chance to get the items provided in the tutorial
  • Move all OOC explanations to the tutorial pop up windows (gold man icon) and have the NPCs only speak IC. (pawsTutorialWindow, TutorialManager)
  • There should be a way to trigger the tutorial hint from quest text, so for example Neave will ask to use the furnace, and the pop up will be sent. Another way is to use proximity triggers (like we do for achievements)
  • All text from tutorial hints should go into help.xml so the player can always review it at later date.
  • Change "Letter of a Friend" item to "Octarchy call to action!". Change the text so it reflects the request from the Octarchy to take action. (Xenak quests item to be changed)

See below for setting information on the place and all chars

Setting information

Settings for why the new character is there:

  • The tutorial area is a part of the hydlaa city where new comers are welcomed. We assume they are coming from other parts of Yliakum, the best will be to take it from the char creation information, and have Abelia use that info to speak with the char. If that's not possible we will just make it generic enough.
  • The area has been reassigned to be (or outright created as) the regional assessment center for the Hydlaa region. The situation is critical, new waves of invasions coming from the Labyrhints. The government as decided everyone needs to help in its own way, with magic, fight or craft, and get up to speed with one of the guilds. This means that everyone from the Hydlaa region will have to pass through here once in their lifetime, and give evidence to the government of what they are contributing to.

The government and / or guilds have set up "propaganda" booths to recruit prospects (by getting them to learn "their" trade so they might join eventually). The people will be redirected to the main chain quest NPCs for this reason, and to continue their career in Hydlaa.

  • If a player wants to skip the tutorial, he has to speak with Xenak and prove that he knows Hydlaa already (simple questions), in that case Xenak will allow him to go away but giving him anyway the pointers of the major guilds he has to contact next.

Information we want to provide in the tutorial

IC part - We want the player to :

  • realize he is in a big city (Abelia)
  • realize he is in a giant cavern called Yliakum (Abelia)
  • know a bit about the different races, through the introduction of the characters (stonhammer, ynwnn, klyros, dermorian) (all chars)
  • understand the Octarchy is the government and they are mobilizing for something (Neave)
  • understand what are the Stone Labyrinths and there are invasions coming in (Ibhaar)
  • learn basics of healing/cooking (Abelia)
  • learn basic of crafting (Neave)
  • learn basic of fighting (Ibhaar)
  • learn basic of magic (Orphia)
  • learn how to get started with the quest chains (Xargon and Xenak)

OOC part (provided through goldman icons):

  • clearly state the player will benefit by going through the tutorial (items/knowledge)
  • toolbar
  • movement
  • stats skills
  • quests
  • hp, mana, combat styles
  • glyph window
  • how to use /roll to roleplay certain events
  • ...

Step by step tutorial walkthrough

To be done


Settings for Abelia: (occupation, personal history, unique quirks)

  • Baker(suggestion)
  • Current Description: This dark featured Ynnwn seems to want to teach you some things
  • Suggested Description: This cheerful Ynnwn woman smells sweetly of freshly baked bread. She kindly greets those passing by and is probably to a good person to approach and talk to about various things.
  • History: Abelia comes from the city of Hydlaa and settled at the outpost in order to escape the hustle and bustle of the city without having to live in an out of the way town. She is a prolific baker and is very happy to share her baked goods with others. She has even on occasion shared her secrets with people arriving at the outpost. Her family however lives in a different sector altogether, but are also bakers.
  • Unique Quirk: She comes from a long line of bakers and her particular specialty is making bread in unique shapes. Her favorite is a little groffel shaped loaf. She enjoys shaping the “cute” little wings.(suggestion)

Settings for Neave: (occupation, personal history, unique quirks)

  • Blacksmith
  • Current Description: This Dwarven lass has blackened cheeks from all the coal in the nearby forge. She might be able to teach you something of how to forge in game. (current)
  • Suggested Description: The soot blackened cheeks of this Dwarven woman gather in a wide smile as she pause from her work. She seems confident and knowledge about her task, perhaps she may be willing the share her knowledge of the forge.
  • History: Neave grew up in the outpost and has taken over most of the forge work for the outpost. Her family has long served it by forging weapons for the guards and other metal good for the regular inhabitants. She takes great pride in the history of the outpost and its role in guarding Hydlaa. She takes this matter very serious.(suggestion)
  • Personal quirks: Neave is a very serious minded woman with a dry humor. She has great pride in her family, her work and in the outpost and absolutely no humor about it. But she is still given to wry wit and at times snide comments about various things.

Settings for Xargon: (occupation, personal history, unique quirks)

  • Merchant
  • Current Description: A stolid guard stands on duty here. He appears to have something very important to say to you.
  • Suggested Description: Before you stands a Klyros in well tailored clothing. He seems to have many items of fine quality around him and you get the distinct impression he’s about to try to sell you some. He is probably a good person to talk to about various items.
  • History: Xargon is a son of no land and every land at once. He was a frequent traveler in his past and has collected quite the wealth of knowledge and wealth of tria as well. He is knowledgeable about many things and very generous with that knowledge. He finally settled down in the outpost as it is a resting point for many travelers like himself and he has now grown accustomed to staying in one place.

Settings for Orphia: (occupation, personal history, unique quirks)

  • Healer (suggestion)
  • Possibly alchemist in future?(could sell health potions) (Or/and teach how to make the most basic forms of health potions?)
  • Current Description: This gentle Dermorian woman appears to have the secrets of magic at her fingertips. Her eyes sparkle with radiance.
  • Suggested Description: This gentle woman has a potent aura about her. She bares the slight scent of potions, but not in any offensive way. She is surrounded by the trappings of a healer so she is probably the person to go to if you are hurt.
  • History: Orphia came from the second level, the Barn. She originally resided in the city of Nalvys, which is connected to Hydlaa by the winch, and came from a family with a long standing tradition in magic. Orphia took a liking to healing and pursued using her magic for the good of others. One day her father took her with him on a business trip to Hydlaa and she fell in love. Later as an adult, she left Nalvys to make a life for herself hydlaa which eventually lead to her being stationed at the outpost as the local healer.
  • Unique Quirk: Although most members of her family chose one of the ways to specialize in, Orphia dabbled a bit in most of the ways. Although she has not become a master in any of the ways she does possess a fair bit of knowledge about many many things concerning magic. She is fond of showing off little parlor trick spells from each of the ways.

Settings for Ibhaar: (occupation, personal history, unique quirks)

  • Head of the guard(suggestion)
  • Current Description: A Diaboli warrior stands before you; battle scarred and strong. He looks like someone who could teach you about combat. (current)
  • Suggested Description: This middle aged Diaboli warrior stands before you strong, with scars to prove his worth in battle. He casts a stern glaze across the open area in front of him. He tightly grips the hilt of his sword, ready for anything. He looks like he would be a good person to talk to about combat.
  • A very demanding personality?
  • History: Continuing the legacy of his father, Ibhaar is a long standing member of the Hydlaa guard. Through the years of Ibhaar’s many assignments in the guard; patrolling Hydlaa, guarding the gates, training younger guards, he has now reached the point to where he is middle aged, unable to do such things so rigorously any longer. Ibhaar, now assigned to guard the outpost and help teach citizens the basics of self-defence, isn’t exactly overjoyed by the task. In his bitterness of being demoted to such a job, he isn’t exactly in the best of moods when doing it.
  • Unique Quirk: He almost always wears a frown, but will smile if he is approached by the woman he holds a secret admiration for, Orphia. (bug me to make more relationships between the npc’s like this, for now I’m taking a break. ~Geo)

Settings for Xenak: (occupation, personal history, unique quirks)

  • Caravan Owner
  • Current Description: This Klyros stands proud and upright. It is clear he thinks well of himself and walks tall. He wears a smirk like he knows something you don’t. He smells of exotic oils and his scales are polished. He seems an example of all that is healthy and intelligent. His imperious nature might be intimidating to some. (current)
  • Suggested Description: This proud klyros stands upright with a dignified air about him. He smirks confidently at you with a knowing expression across his face. The smell of exotic oils surround him and his polished scales glisten in the light. His imperious nature might be intimidating to some but perhaps he is still worth talking to. (suggestion)
  • Perhaps he has been a caravan owner for quite a while to be an owner? He shouldn’t be too old, but maybe middle aged?
  • History: As a child he intended to stay in the seaside klyros village Amdeneir and have a job that gives to his hometown, but as he grew older he met many travelers and heard their stories. After a while he decided he wanted to travel to other levels and visit many towns that travelers spoke of. He became part of a small caravan and didn’t regret the choice even once as he grew from a mere caravan goods loader that worked hard to move bulk items onto the wagons, to a rivnak driver for an owner he was particularly befriended to, eventually taking his place later on. Though new to Orynu, he isn’t afraid to show how much of a socialite he is. New to being a caravan owner after a long time in the caravan business, he is eager to meet new people and make new friends, for reasons of both his socialites and business.
  • Unique Quirk: He likes to learn new things, especially about people. Learning things about new people would overwhelm him with joy.

Necessary Changes

The tutorial texts need to be updated. Too many new players have to use help channel because the magic lesson is out of date. This confuses and sometimes scares away new players. Who wants that? it wastes advisor's time and new player's time too. - Hipie, part time advisor


Also it should be clearly stated that the player will benefit more by going through the tutorial than just trying to skip it as soon as possible.

  • splash screen?
  • Possibly in the server MOTD as they log or in the first pop up window

Perhaps give tutorial helpers the ability to award PP to newbs similar to NPCs so that player interaction can be encouraged.

More props to support RP and NPC backstories.

NPCs should be characters, not the mechanics equivalent of a cheap plot device. They should have back stories that the players can ask them about. It will help get the new player in the habit of learning about the characters around them.

Players should be entering story not a OOC starter world. There should be an ongoing story about the area that exists regardless of if there are newbs there at the time or not.

Combat NPC might give a short explanation of combat basics and give some OOC instruction, then could give the player the chance to try out various weapons to see which they like better. The player should have to give the weapons back after they use them but maybe the NPC will give one(out of a selection) as a gift to the player at the end of the quests.

  • Should explain about godmoding during fights and explain how to do dice rolls for RP fights.
  • NPC(s) should have food and/or potions so that the newbie can heal themselves.
  • To discourage players running around with their weapons equipped, perhaps NPCs can be set to refuse interactions with the player and give an explanation that relates to the player having the weapon out.

Put a preparation table near Abelia and she is a baker that gives instruction for making something simple like making bread, or slicing tubers. Perhaps she would lend “her baking book” to the newb in order for them the be able to do it.

Magic tutorial NPC should give the player a choice which Way they’d like to start learning and give an appropriate glyph for that way. That way players that create characters in such a way that favors a particular Way will be able to start out with the glyph they need.

Maybe have the choices you made in character creation determine what your character starts out with, like a character who’s combat oriented can start with a weapon and some armor, someone who chooses a crafter oriented character can be given a rock pick, a hammer, and a starter crafting book.

Could put a small library/ information center/booth in the tutorial

Maybe a sitting area/beer garden/tavern that invites Newbies to sit down and chat with the helpers or between themselves instead of just rushing through. - Minks

Possibly restrict all chat in the tutorial to the main tab so that it is harder for the newbies to ignore everything not said by the NPCs.

ALL OOC text -even from npcs- in brackets

Possible way to work about the tutorial using mechanical lesson to the quest panel.

  • Abelia: [Welcome to PS Blah, blah, blah If your lazy see Xenak and leave or R click me to learn press click the mouth button. Make sure you have me highlighted]
  • NPC panel options
    1. I am ready
  • Abelia example IC text. Will remove or edit it later just using this for a link atm.
  • Abelia jumps at your sudden approach. She turns to you tapping her hand on her fast beating heart. She takes a deep breath blowing it out slowly.
  • Abelia: "Goodness, you startled the life out of me. I was so busy going over my list I didn't notice you walking up on me.
  • Abella relaxes and placing her hands on the back of her hips she looks you over carefully.
  • Abelia: "Your new here aren't you?" She dismisses her own question with a casual waves of her hand dismissing it. "Of course you are. I can always tell. So many new people come through this way, and you have that look about you."
  • Abelia" Well? I think that is why I stay here, you know? I like to meet new people and offer my help when I can. There are a few others that stay here for the same reasons. I think they like meeting new people and helping then as much as I do."
  • Abelia: "Goodness, listen to me chatter on. Where are my manners. My name is Abelia Aruine. What is your name? [Type your characters full name for a response]
     NPC panel options
     <type your character name here>
  • Abelia: "Welcome to Orynu. This is an old Outpost made when the city of Hydlaa was being built. It harbored the builders and those that first settled here. It is small, but we have the basic things we need to assist anyone who passes through in their travels."
  • Abelia: we can help you with all types of things. Tell me what do you wish to learn.
  • NPC panel Options
  1. Learn about Quests
  2. learn about Movement
  3. learn about camera
  4. finished
  • NPC Panel option 1
  Abelia: [stand on you head for ten minutes, then go get the ten trias Neave owes me.]
  • NPC Panel option 2
  Abelia: [If you managed to walk over here. You don't need my help]
  • NPC Panel option 3
 Abelia: [Press key "M" Okay?]
  • NPC Panel option 4
 Abelia: I do so hope that you found everything I showed you helpful. If you go over and talk to Neave. 
I believe she may have something to help you with as well.