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Map of the tutorial area and the positions of each NPC
 Abelia Aruine   Neave Besetun   Ibhaar Senad 
 Orphia Eldri   Telzanna Zarel   Xenak 
Warning Spoiler warning!
This page may not only spoil fun but your learning progress!
We do not condone spoilers, but because the tutorial is a guide to learning the game's basic functions, this walkthrough is provided for those needing assistance to complete the tutorial. We encourage you to complete the tutorial in game rather than simply read the dialogue transcript below, because in game you will have a richer experience of the world of Yliakum, earn a variety of useful items, as well as consider the kind of character you’d like to play.

Please note that this is not the only way to complete the tutorial. Your player responses to what the NPCs ask may differ from this guide, but this transcript is provided so that you can complete the tutorial successfully and delve into the world that is PlaneShift.

The tutorial is set up in the following way.

There are two quests available, the first is with Abelia Aruine and you need to complete this one before you can go get quests from Neave Besetun, Ibhaar Senad, Orphia Eldri or Telzanna Zarel in any order you choose. The second quest is with the Klyros by the gate, you can speak to this NPC at any time if you want to leave the tutorial and enter the main game. We recommend you do the tutorial, but you can return at any time after you leave to complete it.

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Begin by approaching the NPC Abelia Aruine (to walk, press the forward arrow or 'W' key) and right-clicking (ctrl-click, for Mac users) on the NPC. Click on the 'TALK/LIPS' icon to open the NPC dialogue box.

Abelia’s Welcome


You say: Hi, is all this equipment yours?
Abelia Aruine places her broom against the table and dusts her hands off on her apron to help compose herself before smiling at you.
Abelia Aruine says: Why, yes it is.
Abelia Aruine says: And welcome to Hydlaa, the central and main city of the top level of Yliakum!
Abelia Aruine says: I've been told to say that to all new people I see round here.
Abelia Aruine smirks as she turns round and starts gathering items from the table behind her.
Abelia Aruine says: Apparently there have been attacks coming from the Stone Labyrinths recently and lots of people fled this way.
Abelia Aruine says: It's been quiet today so far, but since it's been busy all week with new arrivals I've been half expecting a rush this afternoon as well.
-She peers over her shoulder at you.-
Abelia Aruine says: You didn't see a giant crowd of people headed this way, did you?

-INFORMATION: To see how to interact with NPCs click on the 'HELP' icon in the toolbar and in the 'START HERE SECTION' read the heading 'INTERACTING AND SPEAK WITH NPCs'.-

You say: No, there are very few people around at the moment.
Abelia Aruine says: Ah, well, shame.
Abelia Aruine says: I made all these this morning and I'd hate for them to go to waste.
Abelia Aruine finishes tidying up the table full of food and turns back to you.
Abelia Aruine says: As a new resident, or perhaps visitor, of Hydlaa I am pleased to present you with this small welcome pack on behalf of the Octarchy and the Hydlaa Vigesimi.
Abelia Aruine says: It has some of my bread, a bit to drink, and a few of the other delicacies that I love to bake.
Abelia Aruine says: Feel free to eat them now if you're hungry or just save them for later.
Abelia Aruine says: Either way I'm sure you'll find them very refreshing and invigorating.

-INFORMATION: The items you were just given will now be in your inventory. You can open this by clicking on the inventory icon in the main toolbar. To change the toolbar layout right click on the blue crystal in the top corner of the game window. To see details on all the game windows click on the 'HELP' icon in the toolbar and in the 'START HERE SECTION' read the heading 'MENUS AND WINDOWS'.-

-INFORMATION: To eat or 'USE' a piece of food or potion you need to open your inventory and click on the item you want to use and drop it onto the picture of your character. If it can be used then any effect it gives, healing, skill boosts etc, will be applied to your character.-

You say: So I could learn to cook?
Abelia Aruine leans towards you a little.
Abelia Aruine says: If you can cook or bake already, or want to learn more I would go and see Jomed in the main tavern in Hydlaa.
Abelia Aruine says: You can visit him once you get though the gate behind Xenak into the main city.
Abelia Aruine points over to Xenak and the gate behind him.
Abelia Aruine says: Jomed is the starting point for the cooking association here in Hydlaa and will help you get started.
You say: Why exactly are you greeting people?
Abelia Aruine says: Well, for the longest time there have been invasions from the Stone Labyrinths.
Abelia Aruine says: Recently they have started to increase in frequency once again, with giant hordes of beasts headed towards Hydlaa from the area around the Eagle Bronze Doors.
Abelia Aruine says: Because of this the Octarchy has set up this small area to welcome all those who come to Hydlaa seeking protection, or who come here for any reason really.
Abelia Aruine says: We are here to make sure that you are well acquainted with as much of Hydlaa and the surrounding lands as possible before you pass into the city.
Abelia Aruine says: The hope is that those coming to Hydlaa will make a positive impact on the city and pick a craft or skill to help the Dome and Octarchy with the invasions.

You say: What are these Bronze Doors the invasions are coming from?
Abelia Aruine says: Ah, well.
Abelia Aruine says: Many years ago massive invasions ravaged the lands.
Abelia Aruine says: In a concerted effort between warriors and mages a series of Bronze Doors were made and set into the walls of the Dome to help prevent the creatures from leaving the Stone Labyrinth and entering the Dome.
Abelia Aruine says: I'm sure you will likely end up venturing out to the Eagle Head Fortress at some point.
Abelia Aruine says: The guards there look after the closest set of doors to us.

You say: So what about the Octarchy and Vigesimi? (The dialog response here varies slightly depending on the race you picked in character creation)
Abelia Aruine seems a bit taken aback.
Abelia Aruine says: You don't know...
Abelia Aruine says: Oh, well.
Abelia Aruine says: The Octarchy is the self appointed government that runs Hydlaa, the city you are about to enter, and also runs the 'Dome' which is the top level of Yliakum and is where we are now.
Abelia Aruine says: They also rule all of the seven levels below this one, though the Octarchy didn't always exist.
Abelia Aruine looks you over.
Abelia Aruine says: Our race is a little different to all the other races as we were first made from the union between a Diaboli and a Dermorian.
Abelia Aruine says: If I remember correctly, it took almost 120 years from when our people, the Ynnwn, were first born for the Octarchy to begin to be established.
Abelia Aruine says: And in general it has been a good thing.

You say: So they rule everyone in Yliakum?
Abelia Aruine says: Yes they do.
Abelia Aruine says: The Octarch around here is Iragdun Salikarios.
Abelia Aruine says: You can find his residence across from the main tavern in Hydlaa.
Abelia Aruine says: Under each of the eight Octarchs, there are twenty Vigesimi, who deal with matters of law and order.
Abelia Aruine says: For instance, Amidison Stronghand is the Vigesimi of Hydlaa.

You say: How big is the Dome?
Abelia Aruine says: The Dome is the biggest of all the levels, with the next one down smaller than the one above, and so on, all the way to the bottom.
Abelia Aruine picks off a piece of cake and begins to eat it.
Abelia Aruine says: The Dome is called the Dome due to the domed shape of the ceiling of the Dome.
Abelia Aruine chuckles a little as she uses the word dome so much.
Abelia Aruine says: There are lots of cities spread out over the Dome, but outside of Hydlaa you are most likely to visit the Kran city of Gugrontid, the Enkidukai city of Ojaveda and the Klyros city of Amdeneir.

You say: How would I get to the other cities?
Abelia Aruine says: Well, there are two ways really.
Abelia Aruine says: The first way is the quickest but you have to pay for it; you can arrange for the Pterosaur handlers to fly you to the city you want to go to.
Abelia Aruine says: The second way to get somewhere is just to walk there.
Abelia Aruine says: To get to Ojaveda, once you enter into the main part of Hydlaa you will have to go to your right, down and away from the Windowless tower into the plaza.
Abelia Aruine says: Once there look for the passage through into East Hydlaa; that’s where the library is.
Abelia Aruine says: Then you just follow the roads out of and away from the city until you reach Ojaveda.
Abelia Aruine says: To get to Gugrontid, once you enter into the main part of Hydlaa you need to find the North gate, which will be to your left.
Abelia Aruine says: You pass through it and then follow the path through the forest and then once out the other side head left over the hills.
Abelia Aruine says: Finally, if you want to see Amdeneir, well, the best and really only way at the moment is to fly there, which is free right now.
Abelia Aruine says: You will need to see Krestal Dhusho for that near the Laanx temple in Hydlaa; that's the giant red iron temple just off the plaza.
Abelia Aruine says: Just look round the back of it to find him.

You say: Who and what is Laanx?
Abelia Aruine smiles before answering.
Abelia Aruine says: Laanx is one of the gods present here in Yliakum and as you might know, he created the Lemurs.
Abelia Aruine says: Laanx’s main temple is here in Hydlaa, as I mentioned, and is run by an elderly Lemur, Sharven.
Abelia Aruine says: Another god, Talad, was responsible for creating the Kran and he has a temple, unsurprisingly, in the Kran city of Gugrontid.
Abelia Aruine says: A third god is Xiosia.
Abelia Aruine says: She is very much the natural side of things and is favoured greatly by the Nolthrir and Dermorians, for they have always been very close to the land they live on.
Abelia Aruine says: Finally, there is Dakkru.
Abelia Aruine says: She is the god of death and if you ever find yourself on the wrong side of a pointed sword, you will be taken to her realm.
Abelia Aruine says: You will have to brave its depths to find your way out if you wish to come back to Yliakum again.

You say: So, now that I'm here what should I do?
Abelia Aruine says: Good question.
Abelia Aruine says: You have a choice.
Abelia Aruine says: I would recommend talking to and getting to know the other people in this welcome area.
Abelia Aruine says: You stand to learn a lot from such an experience which could greatly help your start here in Hydlaa.
Abelia Aruine says: If this doesn't interest you, next to the gate behind you you can speak to Xenak about passing though into the main city of Hydlaa.
Abelia Aruine says: If you want to stick about you could take some lunch I have prepared to Neave the blacksmith and talk to her.
Abelia Aruine says: Are you interested in helping me out?

You say: I really want to see what else there is to learn.
Abelia Aruine says: Fantastic, you should start with taking this lunch pack over to Neave.
Abelia Aruine says: She is the blacksmith for this part of Hydlaa and can no doubt give you plenty of information regarding all the crafting that goes on in the city.
Abelia Aruine says: But you should know that if at any point you get fed up with learning about Hydlaa and just want to enter the city, you can go and talk to Xenak and he will let you pass into the main city.
Abelia Aruine says: If you want to come back and finish talking to the others in this area after you leave, you can return at a later point to finish.
Abelia Aruine says: Good luck, have fun, and enjoy Hydlaa.

-INFORMATION: To see how to give items to NPCs click on the 'HELP' icon in the toolbar and in the 'START HERE SECTION' read the heading 'GIVING ITEMS TO NPCS'. In quests you can open the quest system and click certain Menu Options to give an item to the NPC, or, you can select the NPC and choose the 'GIVE' icon which will open a trade window. You can then pick an item to manually give to the NPC from your inventory.-

You can now approach any of the other NPCs in the tutorial and the quest with them will be available, you should right-click on the character and click the 'TALK/LIPS' icon.

Neave’s Hammering Time


You say: Hello, are you Neave?
Neave Besetun says: Why yes, that's right.
Neave Besetun tears her eyes from the unfinished blades propped against the side of the anvil, sets down her hammer, and smiles.
Neave Besetun says: I'm the local smith in this part of the city; been asked to work on weapons for the warriors coming through here before they head back out to fight against the invasions.
Neave Besetun says: I'm here so the city's main blacksmith doesn't get buried under everything.
Neave Besetun says: He has a lot to do after all, working in the centre of Hydlaa just off the plaza.
-She sniffs suddenly.-
Neave Besetun says: Hold on.
Neave Besetun narrows her eyes, looking directly at you.
Neave Besetun says: Is that smell what I think it is!?

You say: Uhm, I know I've been on the road for a while getting here, but do I really smell that bad?
Neave Besetun says: Oh dear!
Neave Besetun chuckles softly.
Neave Besetun says: Did I make you worry for a moment then?
Neave Besetun says: I meant the scent of Abelia's delicious cooking; she is in my opinion the finest cook and baker in the whole of the city of Hydlaa.
Neave Besetun says: Am I right that she sent you to bring my lunch over to me?

You say: That's right. Here's the lunch pack she made for you.
Neave Besetun says: Oh, well look at that!
Neave Besetun takes the pack carefully.
Neave Besetun says: She knows how hard Ibhaar has me working, what with all those blades he keeps wanting repaired for all his troops and the shields he's got me making.
Neave Besetun drops her voice slightly.
Neave Besetun says: Nothing here is ever quite good enough for him and he's determined everyone passing through proves they can use a weapon to some extent, so always has me making sure there are lots of different weapons available!
Neave Besetun says: With the invasions, the Octarchy is quite keen on it as well, making sure all its citizens can fight and defend themselves that is.
Neave Besetun says: That’s actually one of the laws of the land; if you want to read the rest you could find a copy of the Decree in...
Neave Besetun says: Uh...
Neave Besetun says: Jayose’s Library.
Neave Besetun becomes a little distracted as she starts unwrapping her food.

You say: So do you just repair things for Ibhaar?
Neave Besetun says: Well, I'm the smith here so that is generally my job.
Neave Besetun takes a big bite of her lunch.
Neave Besetun says: But if you’re interested I can tell you a little bit about the different kinds of smithy crafts you’re likely to run into in Hydlaa.
Neave Besetun says: Maybe tell you about how to start out in metalworking and blacksmithing, the same things I started out with, if it takes your fancy.

You say: So what sorts of crafts are there?
Neave Besetun says: Well, all sorts.
Neave Besetun says: You will be able to learn to make many different weapons and many different pieces of armour and lots of different shields.
Neave Besetun smiles warmly as she continues to eat her lunch.
Neave Besetun says: Just look behind me to the table over there.
Neave Besetun says: I've been working on a few new shields, and then there's these half finished swords I have.
Neave Besetun points down to the blades resting against her anvil.
Neave Besetun says: Of course, as a good smith I can also work on armour, but I don’t very much.
Neave Besetun says: Chainmail gloves and good sturdy plate helms.
Neave Besetun says: Maybe it's something you should think about trying?
Neave Besetun says: You'll see that being a smith is a very diverse skill with lots to learn beyond how to simply work with metal.

You say: And how should I start to learn?
Neave Besetun says: Well, you'd best start looking for master Harnquist just off the Hydlaa plaza.
Neave Besetun says: He owns the smithy there and he's always happy to help out anyone looking to start training their arm with a hammer.
Neave Besetun says: He is also the starting point for anyone looking to join the Crafting Association.
Neave Besetun says: After you talk to him about that he will probably have a few little jobs you can help him with, like fetching some ore or maybe bringing him something to eat while he works; it's a good way to make some quick tria as well.
Neave Besetun grins around another mouthful.
Neave Besetun says: He likes his food as much as I do.
Neave Besetun says: And if you keep helping people in the association you will be taught how to make metal stocks from ores, then how to make bladed weapons like axes and swords, and then eventually to make many different shields.
Neave Besetun says: Harnquist will tell you all you need to know.

You say: What about other armour?
Neave Besetun says: Good question.
Neave Besetun says: Shields are possible to make, like I said, as are light, medium and heavy helms.
Neave Besetun says: And then you can make light armour made of leather and medium armour made of chain mail.
Neave Besetun says: But if you are interested in making leather armour you will need to take a slightly different path.
Neave Besetun says: You'll first need to learn how to work with leather, not really something you will learn from a blacksmith.
Neave Besetun says: From what I know you will have to learn to tan hides and to sew and shape the leather.
Neave Besetun says: If you ever take a trip to the Enkidukai city of Ojaveda, there is an Enkidukai there named Hirenn and I'm sure he will be able to help you get started with the leatherworking skill.

You say: Do you think I could have a go at something simple?
Neave Besetun says: Well maybe you could...
Neave Besetun moves over to her pile of ores and carefully looks them over while talking.
Neave Besetun says: One of the simplest things to do is to turn ore into metal ingots or stocks which you can then use in crafting.

You say: Where would I find ore?
Neave Besetun chuckles.
Neave Besetun says: By mining of course!
-She gestures at the pile of different ores stacked next to her.-
Neave Besetun says: Many, many different types of ore and gem can be mined out of the ground.
Neave Besetun says: You just need a sturdy pick and a bit of determination, but it's probably best to ask around near the smithy to see if someone can show you where to try and mine until you know where to go.
She frowns a little, but the expression quickly changes to a grin.-
Neave Besetun says: But mining ore is only good if you then learn to turn it into ingots and metal stock of course!
Neave Besetun says: You could use my furnace to try the very first step of that process; that step is melting some iron ore into molten iron. -She steps back to her anvil after picking up a few pieces of iron ore.-

You say: I'd love to try.
Neave Besetun says: Perfect!
Neave Besetun says: Just step up to the furnace behind me then and pop one ore at a time inside.
Neave Besetun says: Just wait it out and you should see the metal turning molten.
Neave Besetun says: But if you leave it in the furnace for too long it will be ruined and useless, so make sure you pay attention.
Neave Besetun hands you three pieces of ore.
Neave Besetun says: Here, try with these.

-INFORMATION: To learn about using containers click on the 'HELP' icon in the toolbar and in the 'START HERE SECTION' read the heading 'CRAFTING CONTAINERS'.-

-INFORMATION: Simply, you need to right click and open the interaction menu for the furnace, then select 'EXAMINE' which will open the container window for the furnace. Then you need to move the iron ore from your inventory to the container. Wait about 90 seconds and the iron ore will transform into molten iron ore which you can move back to your inventory and give to Neave.-

You say: Okay, I'll try later then.
Neave Besetun says: Later is fine too.
Neave Besetun looks you over and smiles slightly.
Neave Besetun says: Just don't forget, speak to Harnquist near the plaza for anything to do with metalwork and smithing!
Neave Besetun says: Is there anything else I can help you with for now?

You say: Neave..there is a giant heart on top of your ores?
Neave Besetun turns her head to look at it as though surprised and then chuckles.
Neave Besetun says: Why yes, yes there is!
Neave Besetun pauses for a moment and gives you a rather serious look.
Neave Besetun says: There are certain metals, ones only the most experienced metallurgists can produce, and well...
Neave Besetun blushes slightly.
Neave Besetun says: I'm hoping to learn how to make them myself soon, but they do require some rather strange ingredients, like a giant ulbernaut heart.

You say: I can't think of anything else to ask you.
Neave Besetun says: Hmm, well, okay then.
Neave Besetun says: Perhaps in this case I could ask a little favour of you instead?
Neave Besetun moves over towards the forge and carefully lifts a sword that was hidden there.
Neave Besetun says: Ibhaar asked me to repair this for him.
Neave Besetun says: He is always taking so little care of his weapons and sending them back to me ruined, that I'm beginning to think he uses them to hammer arrows into trees instead of shooting the arrows like he should.
-She shakes her head sadly.-
Neave Besetun says: I really wonder about him sometimes, but then Diaboli are known to be a little, well, sort of odd.
Neave Besetun says: I'd really appreciate it if you could run this sword over to him for me and I'm sure he'll hand you a little something for your time.

You say: I'll take him the sword.
Neave Besetun says: Perfect then!
Neave Besetun says: Thank you very much for your help with this!
Neave Besetun carefully hands you a broadsword which shows the signs of heavy reworking on its blade.
Neave Besetun says: Just continue to follow the road and you will find him nearby.
Neave Besetun says: And...
Neave Besetun says: One more thing as well.

You say: Yes?
Neave Besetun says: If you start to make or use weapons yourself, you might want to also learn how to repair them; it's another skill you will have a chance to learn more about in Hydlaa.
Neave Besetun says: There might be many people like Ibhaar who need help repairing their armour or weapons.
Neave Besetun says: Just take this as a small gift as well.
Neave Besetun says: Once you pick up a weapon, you should take better care of it than Ibhaar does of his by learning to do repairs.
Neave Besetun hands you a small repair kit, which includes several things you might be able to use to improve a damaged weapon.
Neave Besetun says: Take care of yourself.
She waves you towards the road and turns back to her anvil.-
Neave Besetun says: Right, it's hammering time.
-She begins to whistle a somewhat recognisable tune as she picks up her hammer and starts hammering again.-

Ibhaar’s Battle


You say: Here you are, Ibhaar. Neave gave me this for you.
Ibhaar Senad says: So, that little smithy decided to repair my favourite Broadsword did she..?
Ibhaar Senad says: If she hadn't done such a terrible job of repairing it the last few times, it probably wouldn't keep breaking every time I use it.

You say: So what is it you do around here?
Ibhaar Senad says: What do I do?!
Ibhaar Senad says: I'm the commander of the expeditionary forces.
Ibhaar Senad pushes his chest out as he continues.
Ibhaar Senad says: My men are sent out from Hydlaa when a city or village is attacked.
Ibhaar Senad says: It's my job to organise these Octarchy warriors.
Ibhaar Senad says: And also unfortunately,
-He scowls a little.-
Ibhaar Senad says: The mages...
Ibhaar Senad says: To make sure they are all sent or stationed where they are most needed; to help keep the peace or with fighting off invasions from the Stone Labyrinth.

You say: What sort of warriors do you have fighting for you?
Ibhaar Senad says: All sorts.
Ibhaar Senad says: They use ranged weapons like bows, short and sharp, or long and heavy blades.
Ibhaar Senad says: Some prefer giant war hammers or diamond-sharp double-headed axes.
Ibhaar Senad seems to get a little giddy talking about all the weapons.
Ibhaar Senad says: There are many different types of blades you can use; it is all a matter of preference.
Ibhaar Senad says: I personally have these two, one for hitting, and one for stabbing.

You say: Do you have a suggestion on what I should use?
Ibhaar Senad shrugs as he plays with his two weapons a little.
Ibhaar Senad says: Depends on what you want to use, very close range for fast attacking, or slower, heavier things which you can do more damage with.
-He starts to swing his blade as an example.-
Ibhaar Senad says: Or ranged weapons like bows.
Ibhaar Senad says: You should look at my collection of weapons.
Ibhaar Senad points using his sword at the table behind him.
Ibhaar Senad says: Just take a look; there is a fair selection on there.
Ibhaar Senad says: Oh, by the way, I am supposed to give you a basic lesson on how to use a weapon of your choice and then ask you to demonstrate it to me.
Ibhaar Senad says: So, go and look at the choices and then come back and tell me which you want and I will give you one to use.

-INFORMATION: For help on using free text to talk with NPCs click on the 'HELP' icon in the toolbar and in the 'START HERE SECTION' read the heading 'INTERACTING AND SPEAKING WITH NPCs'.-

-INFORMATION: What you are required to do with Ibhaar is to look at the weapons on the tables and on the tree and find the name of one you want. Once you have picked one, you need to return to Ibhaar, right click him and pick the talk icon. When the Quest options appear you should type the name of the weapon you want in the free text window and press enter to send the message when you are done. If you spell it right he will continue the quest with you.-

You say: claymore (At this point you can say any of the names of the weapons on show including, shortsword, falchion, sabre, ranged, bow, longsword, battle hammer, warhammer, battlehammer, dagger, knife, club, mace, claymore, or axe.
Ibhaar Senad says: Ah, so you want to use a claymore do you?
Ibhaar Senad says: Well in that case I think it's best you use this.
Ibhaar Senad holds up a shortsword.
Ibhaar Senad says: It's not the biggest blade you will see people using but it is perfectly suited to use as a beginner.
Ibhaar Senad says: And you aren't as likely to chop your own hand or arm off like you are using a claymore.
Ibhaar Senad says: And let this be your very first lesson in Hydlaa, you swing it so these sharp edges hit the thing you’re attacking to slice it, or you thrust this pointy end into the target, simple.
Ibhaar Senad says: I suppose you can go and kill some of the rats round here to practise after your expert lesson...
Ibhaar Senad looks over at his precious rivnak.
Ibhaar Senad says: In fact you would be doing me a favour if you did.
Ibhaar Senad says: My rivnak gets nervous every time they get too close.
Ibhaar Senad says: Bring me a rat hide and I'll pay you a little.

-INFORMATION: For help on fighting click on the 'HELP' icon in the toolbar and in the 'START HERE SECTION' read the heading 'HEALTH AND COMBAT STYLES'.-

-INFORMATION: Simply, you can fight with fists or a weapon. To equip a weapon, open your inventory and pick up and then drop your chosen weapon onto your character's 'SWORD' or 'SHIELD' slot. Then approach a rat, select it and open the interaction menu, and then choose the attack option. If your 'INFORMATION' window is open you can select a rat and choose an attacking stance from 'full defensive' to 'bloody'. You can loot items from the dead rats by right clicking on the rat and choosing the 'LOOT' icon and taking the items you want from the loot window which will appear.-

You Here I killed a rat and I have its hide for you.
Ibhaar Senad grabs the hide out of your hand.
Ibhaar Senad says: YES!
Ibhaar Senad says: Great, well done on killing the rats.
Ibhaar Senad throws the hide away into a barrel.
Ibhaar Senad says: This will no doubt lift a great weight from my rivnak's nerves.
Ibhaar Senad says: You know, if you get another one I’ll reward you for that as well.

You say: Here I killed a second rat and I have its hide for you.
Ibhaar Senad gabs the hide out of your hand again.
Ibhaar Senad says: HA!
Ibhaar Senad says: See killing these rats is easy.
Ibhaar Senad says: And here, this is for you.
-He tosses you a few more coins than the first time.-
Ibhaar Senad says: Just to keep their numbers down and I’ll buy one more from you if you get it.
Ibhaar Senad says: Maybe there is hope you will become a reasonable warrior yet.
Ibhaar Senad drops the hide in a barrel with the others you gave him.
-Putting his hand into a small pouch he pulls out a circle.-
Ibhaar Senad says: For doing such a fine job in keeping my rivnak happy, this is for you.
-He then tosses the coin at you.-

You say: So, who do I need to see for more lessons on using weapons?
Ibhaar Senad says: Well who you want to go and see first will depend on which weapon type you want to learn to use.
Ibhaar Senad says: I prefer my hammer and longsword.
Ibhaar Senad says: But let me give you a list in case the weapon you chose isn’t the one you will want to learn later.
Ibhaar Senad says: Of course the Octarchy is always pleased when one of its citizens wants to train in combat to become a useful addition to its fighting forces.
Ibhaar Senad says: Percival Hawthorne will train you on how to use all types of swords, Finara Plund on how to use all types of axes, Lori Tryllyn will teach you to use knives and daggers and Taulim Wilaal will teach you how to use all types of ranged weapons.

-INFORMATION: To see information about how to train a skill click on the 'HELP' icon in the toolbar and in the 'START HERE SECTION' read the heading 'SKILL TRAINING'.-

-INFORMATION: There are three parts to training a skill.
1 - Gaining progression points which you are awarded by doing quests, hunting and making/gathering things.
2 - Buying skill training--to do this you need to find the correct trainer and spend Tria and Progression points to get 'theoretical training'.
3 - To gain the next level you then need to practise the skill, by fighting, harvesting, crafting etc.-

You say: Using weapons is all well and good, but what about armour?
Ibhaar Senad bangs his fist against his chest.
Ibhaar Senad says: Here is some of the finest heavy armour you are ever likely to see.
Ibhaar Senad checks the spot he hit on his chest to make sure there are no marks.
Ibhaar Senad says: Well, I suppose it’s probably worth me telling you who to see to learn about using armour.
Ibhaar Senad says: You wouldn’t want to become expert with a blade and use it in combat with no protection.
Ibhaar Senad says: So Jefecra Harcrit, a member of the Hydlaa Guard can train you in using heavy armour once you are strong enough to wear it.
Ibhaar Senad says: Grimal Bloodaxe, a proud StoneHammer can train you in how to best use chainmail or medium armours, again once you are strong enough to wear them.
Ibhaar Senad says: Finally, Jeyarp Grotemey who has a small stall selling leather goods can teach you how to use leather armour effectively.

You say: Where is the best place to start hunting beasts?
Ibhaar Senad smirks a little.
Ibhaar Senad says: That’s funny.
Ibhaar Senad says: Most of the creatures running about these lands will strike you down with one blow if you don’t train enough before running about waving your sword trying to get one of them to impale itself on the end of the blade for you.
Ibhaar Senad says: HA!
Ibhaar Senad says: But if you seriously want to jump straight into fighting there are lots of little creatures in the sewers if you can find your way in and are brave enough to venture down there.
Ibhaar Senad says: There are also lots of different creatures and gladiators of lots of different sizes and strengths in the Arena which is probably a much better place to start.

You say: Well if I’m going to get squashed so quickly how can I heal myself?
Ibhaar Senad says: There are a number of ways; eating food someone has made is a good simple way, but don’t eat too much or it might just make you worse.
Ibhaar Senad says: You can use herbal remedies or potions which someone has made or you have bought or made for yourself.
Ibhaar Senad says: And I guess...
Ibhaar Senad says: If you are desperate...
Ibhaar Senad says: You can use magic...

You say: So what about using magic?
Ibhaar Senad stares at you.
-His eyes bulge and a vein on his forehead throbs as he seems to get ready to explode.-
Ibhaar Senad says: MAGIC!
Ibhaar Senad says: ...
Ibhaar Senad says: Magic...
Ibhaar Senad says: Really?
Ibhaar Senad says: I don't use magic, of course I don't use magic, clearly I don't use magic...
Ibhaar Senad says: Sword and steel and hard training will make you a real warrior.
Ibhaar Senad says: You will not get me helping you with magic or anything to do with it.
Ibhaar Senad says: Run off to...that...Dermorian, Orphia, over there if you want to get to use that horrible horrible stuff.
Ibhaar Senad points to his left a little, down the road.

Orphia’s Apple


You say: Hello, are you Orphia?
Orphia Eldri says: The use of Azure Way magic to control the air, linked to, oh no.
Orphia Eldri says: That can't be the reason...
Orphia Eldri trails off mid-sentence and smiles pleasantly as she notices your presence.
Orphia Eldri says: I'm sorry, I didn't see you for a moment.
Orphia Eldri says: I've been engaged in a little magical experimentation, but never mind that.
Orphia Eldri says: You must be one of the new arrivals?
Orphia Eldri holds up a hand to stop you from answering.
Orphia Eldri says: No, don't tell me; Ibhaar sent you on your way towards me with some form of insult or profanity against my craft?
Orphia Eldri says: Am I correct?

You say: So you really are a mage as he said?
Orphia Eldri says: I'm unsure if I am whatever names he may have called me, but I certainly am a mage.
Orphia Eldri says: I have studied at least the basics in each of the six Ways of magic.
Orphia Eldri says: That's why I was chosen as the Octarchy's representative to welcome any potential students of the Ways to Hydlaa.

You say: And you know enough to be able to teach about the Ways?
Orphia Eldri spreads her arms to move your attention to the tables nearby.
Orphia Eldri says: As you can see from my collection of artefacts, I do have some experience.
-She nods while studying you.-
Orphia Eldri says: But I shouldn't let items on tables speak for me.
Orphia Eldri says: Magic can be dangerous to learn and so my ability, not words, should be what acts to reassure you.
Orphia Eldri points carefully.
Orphia Eldri says: Have you noticed the apple, just behind me floating above my enchanter?

You say: It's floating?
Orphia Eldri says: Yes, it really is.
Orphia Eldri smiles pleasantly.
Orphia Eldri says: I was using Azure Way magic to cause it to levitate, but it's given me a little trouble since I managed that.

You say: What sort of trouble?
Orphia Eldri says: It is better to observe than merely to tell.
Orphia Eldri says: Please, pick up the apple and pass it here to me.

-INFORMATION: To pick up an item, right click it and select the hand icon. The item will go into your inventory and a message will appear in the system tab indicating you have done so.-

You say: Here's the apple.
Orphia Eldri balances the apple on the palm of her hand for a moment.
Orphia Eldri says: Good.
Orphia Eldri says: Now watch it carefully because...
-She waits and then closes her fingers around it. After some moments the apple shimmers slightly with faint azure light and then a second apple appears in the air where the first one was to begin with.-
Orphia Eldri says: Now that I told the magic to hold the apple in the air, the magic seems unhappy if the apple is taken away.
Orphia Eldri says: It seems that it creates another apple instead to make up for this.
Orphia Eldri takes a bite from the apple she is holding and then drops her hand back to her side.
Orphia Eldri says: I'm hoping to develop this further in time to see if I can find out where the new apples come from.
-She smiles once again.-
Orphia Eldri says: Now, perhaps having seen the progress of my research, entrusted to me by the Circles, you will trust in my ability to teach you as well.

You say: Okay, I think I could learn from you.
Orphia Eldri says: Then I think I can teach you.
Orphia Eldri says: If you could tell me which Way you are most interested in learning about, I could certainly try to answer any questions you might have.

You say: I don't know enough to choose one.
Orphia Eldri says: I would suspect the choice is a difficult one for many, but I can tell you which Ways you have to choose between.
Orphia Eldri says: Let me see.
Orphia Eldri reaches for the glyph sack which hangs at her side and pulls out several glyphs. She holds a new glyph up to show you with each Way that she mentions.
Orphia Eldri says: The ways are Crystal, Dark, Red, Blue, Brown, and Azure.
Orphia Eldri says: Each one has its own strengths.
-She nods reassuringly.-
Orphia Eldri says: I know it's a lot to take in, but we really should only focus on one of the Ways for the time being.

You say: But what if I want to study other Ways as well?
Orphia Eldri says: You can change your mind after reaching Hydlaa and study another then, but which would you like us to look at for today?
Orphia Eldri says: Perhaps you would like me to tell you more about some of the Ways first.
Orphia Eldri says: If so, just tell me which you'd like to hear about.

-INFORMATION: You need to use the free text box to learn about at least one magic Way. You can choose between Red Way, Blue Way, Dark Way, Crystal Way, Azure Way, or Brown Way.-

You say: Red
Orphia Eldri says: No one can dispute that Red Way magic is very popular here in the Dome; it is powerful, strong, and attuned with fire.
Orphia Eldri says: It has many powerful attacking spells, most involving heat; this is also why smiths usually study it to some degree.
Orphia Eldri says: The opposing Way of Red Way is Blue Way, so it is advisable not to study both of these at the same time.

You say: Blue
Orphia Eldri says: Blue Way magic is linked to water and time and anything that flows.
Orphia Eldri says: It is in opposition to the fire of the Red Way, and is more aligned with protection and can even be used to heal people.
Orphia Eldri says: Its link to all that flows can also let you sense the magic which flows though items, which can be useful.

You say: Dark
Orphia Eldri says: Dark Way magic opposes the magic of the Crystal Way.
Orphia Eldri says: It isn't evil as some might have you believe, but it draws its energy from death and entropy.
Orphia Eldri says: It can be used to spread illness or to manipulate shadows into turning against their owners.
Orphia Eldri says: It is these things that can be used by evil people, but that does not make the magic, itself, evil.
Orphia Eldri says: I have heard that to advance far you must not be afraid to seek your own death as well.

You say: Crystal
Orphia Eldri says: The Crystal Way is about light and life and energy.
Orphia Eldri says: It is pure and famed for its use in healing.
Orphia Eldri says: You should avoid learning too much of the Dark Way if you are interested in Crystal Way magic, as they do not mix well together.

You say: Brown
Orphia Eldri says: The magic of the Brown Way focuses on the stones and the earth and on protection and using nature.
Orphia Eldri says: You can use it to create armour for yourself or to shake the ground beneath the feet of one who would harm you.
Orphia Eldri says: It is also opposed to Azure Way magic, but can work in harmony with other Ways.

You say: Azure
Orphia Eldri says: Azure Way is the magic of the air and of the mind, with which you might find yourself able to eventually influence the thoughts of others.
Orphia Eldri pauses and smiles slightly, looking back towards the floating apple again.
Orphia Eldri says: Or with which you might cause apples to levitate.
Orphia Eldri says: It is opposed to the Brown Way, so these two should not be mixed.

You say: I've made my choice.
Orphia Eldri says: Are you sure?
Orphia Eldri says: You can still ask about any other Ways or I can go over a Way again if it will help you decide.
Orphia Eldri says: You just need to ask.

You say: Yes, I'm sure, I have made my choice.
Orphia Eldri nods slightly and shows you the small collection of glyphs once again.
Orphia Eldri says: Then tell me your choice.

You say: Azure (At his point you can say any one of the 6 ways, Red, Dark, Crystal, Brown, Azure, or blue and you will given a glyph of that way to start your character with.
Orphia Eldri says: Very well then.
Orphia Eldri says: It is a good enough choice, though of course all choices are good.
Orphia Eldri says: All Ways are worth the time to learn about.
Orphia Eldri selects a glyph and hands it across to you.
Orphia Eldri says: You must begin by learning to purify this.

You say: How do I purify the glyph?
Orphia Eldri says: Talad created the glyphs so we could use magic, but to use a glyph you must first connect it to yourself.
Orphia Eldri says: Focus on it carefully and try to catch hold of the energy it is connected to.

-INFORMATION: For help on using glyphs and magic, click on the 'HELP' icon in the toolbar and in the 'START HERE SECTION' read the heading 'MAGIC, GLYPHS, and SPELLS'.-

-INFORMATION: Simply, in the toolbar open the 'SPELL BOOK', then click on 'RESEARCH MAGIC'. You must now PURIFY the glyph you received. To do this, click to pick it up and then drop it onto the PURIFY icon in the bottom left corner. Once the glyph is purified you should see a new background behind the glyph icon. To find a spell, place the glyph in the first of the four 'ASSEMBLE SLOTs' then click the 'RESEARCH MAGIC button. You may have to click many times before you find the spell. Once you have found the spell it will appear in your spell book. To cast, you need to pick a target for an attack spell and click the spell name and click cast, for a self casting spell just click the spell name and click cast.-

You say: And then I can learn spells?
Orphia Eldri lowers her head gracefully to hide a wide smile.
Orphia Eldri says: It is good to see you are so eager, but yes, then you can begin to learn spells.
Orphia Eldri says: Over time you will find more powerful spells can be cast by combining different glyphs, but for now you have just one glyph and so you must use that alone to find the most simple spell in your chosen way.
Orphia Eldri says: Now once you have purified it, you should be able to sense the energy it connects to and use that connection to control it in a small way.
Orphia Eldri motions toward your hands and the glyph she just passed you.
Orphia Eldri says: Go on, try.

You say: And what should I cast this spell on?
Orphia Eldri says: Well, I have studied the lower spells in all of the ways, and considering your choice, your first spell is one that will be of the use most to yourself.
Orphia Eldri says: If you find yourself in danger then cast it on yourself and it will help you, but practicing while not in danger is always a good thing as well.

You say: After practicing, where can I learn more?
Orphia Eldri says: There are many people through Hydlaa and the Dome who can teach you more, but the best person to begin learning from is Levrus.
Orphia Eldri says: He can be a little long winded, but he will teach you much if you show willing and he will be able to tell you about the Circles and how to gain membership of one.
Orphia Eldri moves slightly, looking toward the floating apple again as she continues to speak.
Orphia Eldri says: You can usually find him in his magic shop just outside Hydlaa.

You say: I might speak to Levrus then. Is there anything else I should know?
Orphia Eldri says: Well, he will perhaps sell you some other simple glyphs as well, though you have to realise that casting spells with glyphs is not the only aspect of magic.
Orphia Eldri turns to look at you again.
Orphia Eldri says: The crafts of herbalism and alchemy are often connected to the Ways and can even improve your use of the Ways as well.

You say: How would I learn more about them?
Orphia Eldri says: Oh, Aleena often sets out a work bench on the roof of the tavern.
Orphia Eldri says: She'd be the one to ask about the use of herbs, and you need to learn the basics of herbalism before you should think about progressing to alchemy.
Orphia Eldri says: You could also think about seeing Durok, a Kran often found in the library.
Orphia Eldri says: Kra will introduce you to the Science Association which herbalists and alchemists belong to.

You say: Thank you. I will remember.
Orphia Eldri says: Good.
Orphia Eldri says: One last thing then.
Orphia Eldri says: Head down the steps just on from here.
Orphia Eldri says: You should speak to Telzanna before you move on to the city proper.
Orphia Eldri says: She might have some supplies you could barter for.
Orphia Eldri smiles.
Orphia Eldri says: And please, take an apple.
Orphia Eldri says: Wherever it is they come from, they really do taste rather nice.

Telzanna’s Acting


You say: Hello, Orphia suggested I come and see you.
Telzanna Zarel claps her hands together a few times as she sees you approaching.
Telzanna Zarel says: Hi, yes, hello...
Telzanna Zarel says: I've just recently finished setting up my stall.
Telzanna Zarel says: Fantastic isn't it?
Telzanna Zarel says: Orphia sent one of her Orphia-lites down here not too long ago and he...
Telzanna Zarel says: She...
Telzanna Zarel says: Kra?
Telzanna Zarel says: Was very nice, I don’t remember.

You say: It's a very nice selection of items.
Telzanna Zarel says: I've gathered some of the nicest items for sale from Hydlaa and nearby cities.
Telzanna Zarel says: After hearing about this place being set up by the Octarchy, I had to come.
Telzanna Zarel says: Had to, great here isn't it..?
Telzanna Zarel says: Money to be made and friends to be...made, I guess.
Telzanna Zarel says: I used to be in Ojaveda, lots of cheap carpets available there.
Telzanna Zarel points to a carpet on the ground and shuffles her feet about on it.
Telzanna Zarel says: Like this one.
Telzanna Zarel says: You know there is another one like this but in blue that you could buy, very nice.

You say: Are there many merchants?
Telzanna Zarel says: Oh, you want to be a merchant do you?
Telzanna Zarel says: Hard life being a merchant, buy this, maybe selling that.
Telzanna Zarel says: Trying to make money, difficult, tough, tricky and testy.
Telzanna Zarel says: There are lots of merchants buying and selling lots of many things.
Telzanna Zarel says: Armour, weapons, tools, helms, spoons, pillows, tables, beds, chests, barr-rr-rr-rrels...
Telzanna Zarel opens her eyes wide as she says the next items.
Telzanna Zarel says: You can even get a nice jewellery box to keep all your lovely nice jewellery in.

-INFORMATION: There are many merchants in the game. To buy from or sell to a merchant you can right click on one and choose the 'BUY/SELL' icon. You can then browse the items they will buy from you and the items you can buy from them. Not every merchant will buy or sell every item so you should search around to find the right merchant for you.-

You say: You really have collected a lot here.
Telzanna Zarel says: Yes, exactly!
Telzanna Zarel says: A!
Telzanna Zarel says: LOT!
Telzanna Zarel smiles.
Telzanna Zarel says: Lots of things for lots of people.
Telzanna Zarel says: I have fishing poles for the fishers you might meet.
Telzanna Zarel says: I've got some musical instruments for those who want to play music, drums for drumming and liras...for lira-ing...is that right?
Telzanna Zarel says: Never mind, sure it is.

You say: There are really musicians?
Telzanna Zarel says: What do you mean really?
Telzanna Zarel says: Of course there are.
Telzanna Zarel says: Plenty of people learn to play music, but it can be a little tricky to get to grips with initially.
Telzanna Zarel says: You should go and see Dhalia Colat in the area where the library is in East Hydlaa; she can give you lots of lessons.
Telzanna Zarel says: Are you interested in learning to play music?
Telzanna Zarel picks up a drum and begins to beat on it.

You say: Yes, I think it would be great to learn something.
Telzanna Zarel talks as she drums.
Telzanna Zarel says: Then you.
Telzanna Zarel says: Are in.
Telzanna Zarel says: Luck be..
Telzanna Zarel says: cause I.
Telzanna Zarel says: Can play.
Telzanna Zarel says: Drums better.
Telzanna Zarel says: Than anyone.
Telzanna Zarel smiles as she stops.
Telzanna Zarel says: Or any two for that matter.
Telzanna Zarel says: Here, you can have this.
-She quickly passes you the drum.-
Telzanna Zarel says: And you can consider my drumming as your first lesson on how to play music.
Telzanna Zarel says: Oh, and you will need a music score to play.
Telzanna Zarel says: You should scuttle off to the library quicky fasty to see Jayose for one.

You say: A drum, interesting, what about fishing?
Telzanna Zarel seems to have lost interest in you already.
Telzanna Zarel says: A drum what?
-She looks back at you.-
Telzanna Zarel says: Oh you're still here, fascinating.
Telzanna Zarel says: I would probably have left by now and gone to see that Klyros up by the gate, lovely man, kinda.
Telzanna Zarel says: You should too, funny guy.
Telzanna Zarel smiles.
Telzanna Zarel says: For fishing you should search out Burdess Quirain.
Telzanna Zarel says: She will sell you a fishing rod once you can afford it and can train you to fish.
Telzanna Zarel says: Fantastic fishing with a fishing rod!

You say: Thank you for the information.
Telzanna Zarel says: Hey, don't call me crazy, but I’ve been thinking for the last few minutes that I should stop selling things and start up a drama school.
Telzanna Zarel says: Exciting, no!?
Telzanna Zarel says: You should think about joining in, lots of chances for Roleplay.

-INFORMATION: This game is a 'Roleplay' game where most of the players act out a role. Players and Game Masters create stories for their characters which other people get involved in. A big part of Roleplaying is to stay within the world of Yliakum, and not disrupt it for others or yourself. Try to join into this Roleplaying as best you can. It might take you a while to get used to lore, history, settings, and style of the game. But don't be afraid to ask for advice from other people you meet, or to get involved in a little Roleplay with people you find to get used to how to make your new character act.-

You say: Roleplay?
Telzanna Zarel says: Yep, Roleplay.
Telzanna Zarel says: You know, acting out the life of a character you completely make up.
Telzanna Zarel says: Like me pretending to be a warrior.
Telzanna Zarel says: You should try and make them a little different from yourself, just to keep things exciting.
Telzanna Zarel says: You get to chose their loves, hates, desires, wants, want nots...
Telzanna Zarel says: Every single part of the character or characters you are acting out.
Telzanna Zarel says: No doubt lots of people you will meet in Hydlaa would be interested in doing some Roleplay with you.
Telzanna Zarel says: Drama is what keeps a city lively.
-Telzann smiles at you.-
Telzanna Zarel says: So what sort of acting do you think you would do?
Telzanna Zarel says: You've met a cook, warrior, smith and mage before meeting me.
Telzanna Zarel says: Do any of these characters sound like someone you would want to Roleplay as?

-INFORMATION: As a point of game convention, things that your character says are In Character or IC, and can be said anywhere at any time. If you have an Out Of Character or OOC question about game mechanics such as how to use crafting books or a problem with running the game and need to ask about them in the 'main' tab, then they should be kept within parentheses or square brackets or asked in a /tell or group chat instead of spoken directly in the main channel.-

You say: A warrior like Ibhaar.
Telzanna Zarel says: A warrior!
Telzanna Zarel says: Well if you were Roleplaying a warrior in a play, get this, based in a fake Hydlaa!
Telzanna Zarel says: You could be a great, well, warrior.
Telzanna Zarel says: You could be a hero or a devious baddy.
Telzanna Zarel says: You could protect the weak or even be nasty and prey on them for your own benefit!
Telzanna Zarel says: That would actually be rather horrible and in a play you would likely come up against good people trying to stop you.
Telzanna Zarel says: All sorts of things like this would be possible.
Telzanna Zarel says: But you should always remember to make your Roleplay interesting and try and Roleplay with as many others as possible in either day to day things or giant great big events.
Telzanna Zarel says: A play with one person in it could be quite boring.

You say: That’s interesting and might be fun.
Telzanna Zarel says: Yes Roleplaying is lots of fun.
Telzanna Zarel says: To find people who might want to Roleplay with you once you get into Hyldaa you should just start by making friends.
Telzanna Zarel says: Just talking to everyone you meet at places like Harnquist’s smithy, the tavern, the arena.
Telzanna Zarel says: These are all places you could try to meet people.
Telzanna Zarel says: It shouldn’t be too hard for you to find people to help you get started in Hydlaa.
Telzanna Zarel says: People are generally friendly.
Telzanna Zarel says: You should head up to Xenak now and ask him to let you into Hydlaa.
Telzanna Zarel says: I’m sure he will.
Telzanna Zarel says: Good luck!



You say: I've spoken to everyone and want to pass into the main city.
Xenak smiles at you.
Xenak says: Really, good.
Xenak says: As you have only just arrived here I know for a fact that the people in this outpost have been told to help all those who arrive here before entering in to Hydlaa.
Xenak says: I hope you made a good choice with the weapon and glyph you got from Ibhaar and Orphia.
Xenak says: Most people who pass though this gate have a lovely selection of items.

You say: I think I'm ready for the main city.
Xenak says: Very well.
Xenak says: You will be able to pass back into this area at any point later if you want to look round, help out new arrivals yourself, or re-read the books on the noticeboard.
Xenak says: You should be aware that the city is full of different characters.
Xenak says: You should think about what part of society you are going to try and fit into when you get in there.
Xenak says: Try and stick as closely as possible to that as people here are very welcoming to those who stick to their character.

-INFORMATION: Be aware that this is a ROLEPLAY game and current players will interact with you as if they, and you, are playing a role, be it warrior, thug, cook, musician, smith... The jobs just mentioned are some examples of what you could do. But BE ADVENTUROUS in the stories you try and tell and the people you work with. People in PlaneShift love to be part of stories others make. To this end try and stay In Character, IC, the character you play will only know about the world it is in, PlaneShift. And so you should try and talk and act like a character in this world, not one who knows and talks about the real world.-

-INFORMATION: If you need help with this please ask other players. Those you find in places like the tavern or at Harnquist's smithy are generally more than happy to help get you started with playing a role in PlaneShift.-

You say: Very well, let me through.
Xenak says: As you wish.
Xenak says: Welcome to Hydlaa, we all hope you have fun and enjoy your stay here.
Xenak says: Once you have passed into the main city you will appear next to the Windowless Tower, the tallest object in Hydlaa which is next to the North Gate that lets people into and out of the city.
Xenak says: You should head away from that gate down into the main plaza.
Xenak says: From there you will see the giant Laanx temple, the smithy for the famous blacksmith Harnquist, the pathway into the Arena, and the pathway into East Hydlaa where the library is located.
Xenak says: You have no doubt learned lots about all that can be done in the city and who to see first about different skills.
Xenak says: You should go and see some of them to get started properly.
Xenak hands you a welcome letter.

You say: Is that for me?
Xenak says: Yes, this letter can serve as a reference about different places and people if you need a reminder...
Xenak hands you the letter.
Xenak says: Now, I don't really need to ask this, but are you SURE you want to pass into the main city?

-INFORMATION: If you want to return to the tutorial at any time in the future to re-read information about PlaneShift which is posted on the noticeboard or for any other reason, just return to the gate where you appear in the main game and right click on it and choose 'enter' this will bring you back into the tutorial. To return back to the main game just right click on the gate in the tutorial map and it will move you back in to Hydlaa.-

You say: Yes.
Xenak says: Ok, goodbye, and good luck.

Congratulations on completing the tutorial. You are now ready to find adventure in Yliakum!

-Credits and notes: This game is made by a group of dedicated volunteers during their free time. We all hope that you enjoy the game and spend many hours exploring the world we have created. If you encounter any problems, ask in the HELP chat tab or file a petition in the petition window of the main toolbar. If you find any bugs you want to tell the developers about you can go to http://www.hydlaaplaza.com/flyspray and make an account to report it. Most importantly, have fun, and good luck!-