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Skills needed

For this project C++ knowledge is needed with some knowledge of mysql. Designing a reusable/parametric UI will be best.


One of the most critical aspects of maintaining a virtual world alive is to continuously provide new and updated content. The new content comes from game masters and other editors, which at the moment are using a web interface (web console) to edit most of the data. The issue is that webconsole doesn't give you the 3d positioning of items and the feeling of how things will look when loaded in game. This project will create new contextual UI to view and edit the most important parameters of items, NPCs, locations, natural resources, etc... The UI should be designed in a way that can be reused across all items we want to edit, and should support all basic types of information.

Detailed Description

Whenever we want to create a new item, we can use /item which pops up a UI for selecting the items through categories and then setting few parameters. There are some parameters there, but this UI is no more available when the item is placed in the 3d world. After placement you can use few commands like:

  • /slide to move the object in different directions
  • /modify to set some admin parameters, example: setting the object as no pickup
  • /show gm interface to create a new action location of the object

All those commands are executed command line in the client chat, and there is no easy way to see all current and possible parameters in a pop-up context UI.

For other entities like NPCs, there is currently no way to edit their attributes in game. We need to have a pop-up context UI, which checks server side the access rules (example you need to be an admin) and then shows all the attributes of the entity, like traits, stats, trade-able items, ...