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My name's Daevaorn and I'm a greenish-blue guy with wings from the lower levels.

I'm an adventurer currently roaming the first level of Yliakum earning money as courier, mercenary or information trader. Sometimes I like to train at the Arena, too.

During my leisure time I'm often found playing WykiWars on the meadows and hills between Hydlaa and Ojaveda. It is a very special kind of game for a big mob of players invented by a lad named Jimbo from the mythical outside world.

It's great fun as it takes place in a fantasy world. The character I play belongs to the class of the Writers. He works as a corrector and vandalism hunter, and is actively participating in the meritocratic government of one country within that world. There are many beasts and villains to fight: Vampires and vandals, trolls and eerie sock-puppets.

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