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Dharah Tisunai is a young Nolthrir of about 85 cycles; a slender and fit woman of small stature. She moves with the flowing, natural, liquid grace of the Nolthrir people. She is usually dressed in dusty leather armor trimmed with tefusang hide. Several strange pendants of gobble make hang around her neck.

If you meet her in the wild, you will see twin swords sheathed on her back, the scabbards well used. She moves with an easy, but deadly grace, alert to her surroundings.

Within the city limits, her swords are often replaced with a well-cared for lute slung on her back, or a bundle of hides and furs for the tanner.

Around her neck hangs a carved wooden amulet which looks like the crook of a tree. Upon further inspection, you notice that it is an effigy of Xiosia, based on the divine manifestation of the ruqua fruit tree in Jardet's Garden. The Goddesses' arms reach up and out on each side, grasping the silk cord which holds it. In the center of the carving you can make out three letters embedded in each other... DOX.