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After the bad experiences on Wikipedia, where the PlaneShift article has been destroyed by trolls multiple times, I would like to create a page with the history of PlaneShift and collecting all articles, references to it. I think this can be a good place, as it seems a wiki dedicated to players. I seek the support of admins here to create this in here. Let me know where is a good place for it. For now I will just use my user page.

This page can be edited by people who like the game and want to collect all press articles, magazines, videos,... It's ok to give a realistic view of the game, with some criticism when needed.

I will organize better in the next weeks this information, but everyone is welcome to improve it.


Will be good to have a list of all releases, maybe also with some screenshots to show the evolution of it.

The first major version (0.1) released on May 2, 2002 was codenamed "Atomic Blue".

( Add screenshot here )

The next version (0.2) was released on March 7, 2003 and codenamed "Molecular Blue".

(Add screenshot here)

The Molecular Blue server was shut down on December 16, 2004 and replaced on December 24, 2004 with version 0.3, Crystal Blue.

Crystal Blue Main Screen

This was subsequently replaced by the version codenamed, "Steel Blue" on March 2, 2008.

Steel Blue Main Screen

The current version "Arcane Chrysalis" was released to the public on December 10, 2009.

Arcane Chrysalis Main Screen

Events and references by year

A good start are these references, which are collected from the web. Feel free to add more!!


  • "Product Review - Net-Z/Eterna, ReplicaNet, SDLNet, and Plane Shift". link
  • Thomas -Mystery- Valley posted on 29 Oct 2003 10:52 (2003-10-29). "WarCry Network : News : Free MMOG Planeshift breaks 100k Players!". link.
  • Claudius posted on 28 Aug 2003 10:59 (2003-08-28). "WarCry Network : News : Feel free to play - Literally speaking". link.
  • PC Action 4 pages dedicated to PlaneShift


  • Study from CSC on open source : link
  • Interview on link and link
  • "Using Virtual Reality to make cultural environments more accessible to people with physical disabilities". Usage of PlaneShift engine. link.


  • Linux Format March 2005 Issue 64, Pg 13
  • Software process modeling By Silvia T. Acuña, Natalia Juristo, Page 14 google books
  • Interview at Gamer God link from webarchive




  • Prototyping Game Design Workshop (Second Edition), 2008, Pages 175-212 - Tracy Fullerton, Christopher Swain
  • "Massively Multiplayer Open Source Game Development". YouTube. 2008-10-16.



  • Interview on OnRPG
  • Collaborative Software Engineering By Ivan Mistra-K, Page 317/318 google books

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