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Wrote that (user page tab) just to tell what I edited so far, to start to think about how things might be clearer on the Main Page and to, probably, ask to stop using evil googledocs :P , using the Wiki instead, perhaps this page (or anything else), for further modifications/suggestions.

Of course, no certainties :P

Eardstapa, Denes, Jawir, let me know


E says: ok but just remember - i am hopeless at understanding how wikis work :P - would you like to move the Googledocs discussion here instead? how would we leave comments about our content, etc.?

M says: Perhaps using the 'discussion' tab (like this one) in each page? Or it's not a good idea, I don't know, I just... hate! GoogleDocs :D

But, also, consider that, if any mistake is done, pages can anyway be reverted to older versions using 'history' tab.

A couple of questions: Is it possible to change page titles? Tutorial Walk Through should be just Tutorial or Tutorial Walkthrough (one word). Other than that, I made some changes, and this should be the complete Tutorial page (for now ;) ) :) Players Guide should be Player Guide (singular) or consider Player Guide: Arcane Chrysalis, to avoid keeping silly questions or details about Blue Steel or whatever. Players Policy should be Player Policy, and under Roleplay in the new Help, the link Roleplay Guide should be replaced with Player Policy. The Roleplay Guide of is the old Roleplay from old In-Game Help.

M says: uhm, think that changing titles wouldn't be good, as there might be problems for links and linked pages BUT, for sure, titles can be renamed in the Main Page (have a look at user page tab again, hope this explains o.O )

Uh, and Roleplay/Policy link replaced :)

E says: I think I understand. It looks like all over the wiki the links will have to be fixed if any title changes. But I am so bothered by these 'wrong' titles and grammar - it's an occupational hazard. xD so I am trying something: creating an entirely new Player Guide: Arcane Chrysalis page by using the 'move' tab (just looked at it). Since at the moment there are no links to this page in the rest of the wiki, except on the Main page which hasn't been changed yet (access to the Main page is pending approval by the devs/Talad), am I right? please let me know if it creates problems - if it doesn't work, we can still kill the new page and we'll still have New Players Guide :)

J says: Hello, I'm writing here just to let you know I'm trying to figure out how the wiki works. It's a lot of things, and perhaps I'm reading it in the wrong moment... I'm just awaken... XD Actually I haven't much to contribute since I prefer to understand where I should watch... Any suggestion is welcome... I think I neeed a summary about the things we are working on.

M says: Hi all... may you please have a look here and say what do you think of a tabbed version of the guide?
And, Jawir, for the summary, I think it's more or less here :)

E says: Moja - aw, I LOVE the tabbed version! i have some quibbles about the tab labels/contents but that should be easy to agree on, i think. e.g. First tab: "Before downloading PlaneShift" - so therefore the two last items about Downloading and Updating should go into the next tab? Second tab: I don't know what to call this section - "Getting Started" ? Third tab: Fine! Fourth tab: Is this all "Game Interface"? But I don't know what else to call this tab... Any ideas? "Glossary" and "Credits" - Fine!

and Jawir, yes, please do read and write new material for pages that need updating, give feedback about anything missing, add links etc :) -same for Moja and Denes - e.g. Is the Quickguide ok? Even the Quick-Start Guide on the PS game site is out of date - still talking about "cat" race spawning in Oja. :P Maybe they will use the wiki Quickguide on the game site instead.


First of all: I really like the tab arrangment, it's so clear and cool, I love it! =D ok, let's get started then! :) Don't knowing exactly how to put suggestions or comments, for now I link here the "edit" wrote. 1) New tutorial [1] 2) Glyphs page (minor change) [2] 3) Quickguide [3]

About the Quick-Start Guide on the PS game site: 1) it needs to be changed coherently with the system requirements listed in the updated wiki; 2) any references to Zeroping and EZPC servers should be eliminated (now it's Laanx); 3) ... why don't substitute that page with a link to the quickguide?

  • Moja says: Jawir, I think your suggestions, they all make sense, so I've changed bits you said. But I'm sure that, from now on, you can change stuff, directly because changes may be checked clicking on the Recent Changes link here, on the left, so, if anything wrong is done, someone will revert the article to a previous version.

Also, I'd ask to anyone who create a new page to use the 'search' function to check if the new page is linkable somewhere (but I think I've linked added vigesimi's names to pages where those names were already written, 'til now).
About the Quick-Start Guide on PS game site... have no clue about who we should tell to...

  • E says: Moja said it all - Jawir please just jump right in! Your comments above appear to be fixed already. :) I deleted Discussion notes that have been done.

about linking new pages, Moja, i think i understand what you mean - e.g. do I search "Davikel Iramok" and link that reference to my new page on Kra? :) ("Yep!" Moja nods)
Probably tell Talad directly about the Quick-Start Guide? :)

  • Venalan here, I asked Talad just now 01/11/2013 to update the page. I actually asked him back in may to do the same thing but I think he forgot. I'll keep asking him until he does.

I also wanted to know if you lot have a plan to add a detailed page about explain how to use Knowledge Areas (KA). There is lots of information NPCs have which you can get using them, I think its something which could do with its own section somewhere. I can help explain some of that if needed.

  • Moja says: sure! I mean, my humble opinion is that a page to explain how to use Knowledge Areas (KA) would be a good thing to be added to the guide and I also think that a link or a section can be added here: Player Guide: Arcane Chrysalis > First Steps in Yliakum > 4 Interacting, Speaking and Trading with NPCs... could it be a good thing?

Venalan -> page for KA here.

  • E replies: OK, a mention is made of KAs in the Guide where Moja has suggested, linking to the KA page. Please check details. Where it says in the PS forum "Each KA has up to five different responses which can be said by the NPC." --> Sorry the statement is unclear to me: Does the NPC respond in up to five different ways (?) or can you ask up to five different topics separated by fullstops (?) or ?

From Venalan; Dont forget the "Map of the tutorial area and the positions of each NPC" needs updating with telzanna on.