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Vodùl is one of the Gods in PlaneShift.


Vodùl's appearance is unknown.


Vodùl is an ancient and powerful God, known as the God of Future Events. Vodùl guided Laanx and Talad to discover one quiet planet with a crystal column full of energy and mystery. The two explored the depths of the planet where the majestic obelisk has its roots, full to the brim and quivering with the azure energy. Together they used their powers to enlarge the niche and created the huge cave comprised of eight levels.

Talad and Laanx prayed to Vodùl to lure some races from the other gods and to bring them to Yliakum. Vodùl agreed to their requests, but in exchange wished for Talad to become one of his servants and Laanx to become one of his lovers. Laanx and Talad accepted the exchange, because Vodùl was a kind master and a pleasant consort.

After leaving Vodùl's palace, Talad and Laanx noticed that Vodùl had honored the promise, but a long time had to elapse before the people reached Yliakum and they were impatient. Laanx, young and very pretty, had fascinated the ancient Vodùl and he'd taught her that the energy of the crystal could be used to create life. It was through Vodùl's rituals, that Talad and Laanx were able to create the Lemurs and Kran.

The name Hydlaa also comes from Vodùl. Vodùl revealed to Laanx that Hydlaa was the name of the most powerful glyph.

Vodùl did not forget the promise that he had made to Talad and Laanx, and Vodùl assisted in helping the races reach Yliakum. Vodùl created the portals in the Stone Labyrinths.