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Wilderness outside Gugrontid

The Wilderness is a general term for any area outside of the limits of Yliakum's cities. It is a dangerous place, full of roaming creatures and lawless rogues, banished from the cities and preying on passersby. These are some of the areas within the wilderness

Magic Shop

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The Magic Shop

If you exit Hydlaa from the North Gate (from the centre plaza with the Laanx Statue, look toward a tall brown tower and make your way towards it) continue through the forest path and then take the right fork, soon you will come across Levrus Dahrenn's Magic Shop. While the shop is outside the city, and nestled in the forest, it is considered to be part of the Hydlaa community.

Levrus sells many magical glyphs there, and the area around his home/shop is also a popular spot for miners.

Bronze Doors Road

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Koberas Pass on the Bronze Door Road

The Bronze Doors Road leads out of Hydlaa from the North Gate, travels through the forest and the dangerous Cutthroat Pass. From there it goes on to Koberas Pass, a tunnel built through a stalagmite, passes the Lake of Tears and the Explorers' Camp, then continues all the way to the Eagle Bronze Doors.

Burial Well

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A Burial Well

Burial Wells are deep, naturally-formed holes that the citizens of Yliakum use to dispose of the empty shells of the truly dead. The bodies are interred there with often elaborate ceremonies to mark the event.

The Lemurs were the first to start this practice, and would mark these special wells with decorative stone carvings, often of a face with an open mouth.

No one is really sure how deep these wells are, but many believe that they are truly bottomless, calling them "holes in the world". It is illegal to enter a burial well, as a precaution against spreading disease from exposure to infected corpses.

Ylon Dynari

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Ruins of Ylon Dynari

Originally founded by the Ylians in 308 AY, the city of Ylon Dynari was destroyed during the Ylian/Enkidukai war in 335 AY. As part of the peace treaty, the Enkidukai insisted that it remain abandoned. The surviving Ylians relocated to Hydlaa, and the city has remained a ruin until this day.

Today, the ruins provide much that is of interest to archaeologists like Nyshyn Klannarr

Explorers' Camp

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The Explorers' Camp

The Explorers' Camp was founded by the Explorers Guild as a way-post on the Bronze Doors Road. It contains both lodging and crafting facilities, among other amenities. It is situated next to the Lake of Tears.

Outer Bronze Doors

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Outer Bronze Doors

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Ojaveda Road

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Irifon River on the Ojaveda Road

The Ojaveda Road leads out of East Hydlaa, past Camp Banished and the Derghir Village, through Korogan Pass, a tunnel built through a stalagmite, across the Irifon River, around Shindrok's Crater, and connects with the Akkaio Road, leading to Ojaveda.

Camp Banished

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Camp Banished

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Derghir Village

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Derghir Village

After clashes with the Kran, who consider the Derghir to be a food source, these rock-based creatures moved to their present location on the Ojaveda Road, where they established a fortified village, in 135 AY.

Residents of the village include:

Name: Amakeer


Description: This derghir villager watches you carefully.
Name: Azarnith


Description: This derghir looks somewhat proud.
Name: Boilghere


Description: This derghir looks around with a furtive expression.
Name: Ryger


Description: This derghir seems to have a belligerent demeanor.

Ryger is a Grey Derghir.

Shindrok's Crater

[ edit ]
Side View of Shindrok's Crater

A gigantic mountain with a circular crater inside, believed to have been created by the mad mage Shindrok when he tried combining opposing ways of magic. It stands as an object lesson for young mages as to why opposing Ways should never be combined.

The current crater is rumored to be filled with monstrous and powerful creatures. Only the boldest adventurers are known to venture there.

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