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A wrathrat in the death realm

Wrathrats are very much like common rats in shape, however, their appearance is dramatically different. Only half of the head has flesh, the rest is skeleton; their bodies are skinned, bare muscles are open to the air and held together in places with coarse stitchings. It is unsure whether they feed or not since they do not seem to be alive in the natural sense. Some speculate that a sorcerer cast a spell upon some rats, dooming them never to rest in peace.

Wrathrats have the same physical shape as common rats, but their fur is of a bloody red and their skin adheres to their skeleton by only a few stitches here and there.
Wrathrats are far more powerful than common rats; their big claws can inflict serious damage to the careless or unskilled fighter.
Natural Habitat
Unlike common rats, wrathrats live in the Death Realm, and have never been seen in Yliakum.