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Xiosia is one of PlaneShift's Gods. She is sometimes called the Mother Goddess, or Great Mother. The ancient Dermorian pronunciation is (khi-o-see-ah).

The loving and fierce Goddess of Nature desires peoples to worship, understand and support harmony throughout her realm. This includes studying one's inner nature as well as that of the world of Yliakum on the whole. She blesses the crops, preserves the flora and fauna, creates fertility and takes it away. She defends the forests and wild places. She creates and maintains the balance of life.


Xiosia appears as a mild, young Dermorian woman with leaves in her hair.


Xiosia first revealed herself just before a Crystal Eclipse. She sent a powerful dream to now-priest Jardet Forsill that ended with him waking to find himself holding a ruqua fruit. Following the Goddess' instructions, he shared this fruit with three others, Arion Fildar, Durok Rrecrok, and Yonda Axebow. The four of them planted the seeds of the fruit as the eclipse was beginning, and were rewarded with the sudden growth of a large ruqua tree with an image of the Goddess springing from it. It was at that point that she revealed her name to be Xiosia, and praised them for awakening her.


Upholding the principles of balance often require open-minded worship as opposed to strict edicts and dogma. Balance itself is not an absolute, but rather an abstract goal such as harmony that is pursued by supporting or opposing forces that are out of alignment. Typical worship services in other religions might be replaced by meditation and introspection, empowering Xiosia's followers to make prudent decisions in pursuit of the Mother Goddess's beliefs. Diaboli of all walks of life appreciate the sensualist approach of faith Xiosia's paths follow. Many Klyros also gravitate toward Xiosia due to her oppression-free worship. People attracted to this faith:

  • Farmers and animal handlers
  • Herbalists
  • Brown Way mages and introspective people
  • Musicians
  • Rangers
  • Shamans
  • Naturalists
  • Warriors