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The Yliakum Calendar is made up of 10 months which each have 32 days, making the whole year last 320 days.


Each month has 4 weeks with 8 days in each.



Unodin signifies the beginning of the Yliakum calendar year and for new-found fortitude for the coming months. It is at this time that the workers in the fields begin planting their crops. This month epitomizes the beginnings of life and represents the will needed to persevere. Deshiin, the sign of the Steady Hand, tells those born under its influence that they are strong of will which sometimes blinds the intelligence needed to make sound decisions.

For the convenience of planning events, Unodin was mapped to 1st April – 6th May, having 36 days on Earth.



Byari, the second month in the Yliakum calendar, is the time of festivals and rejoicing as the many Peoples celebrate Ierefal, or The Coming. It is recorded in ancient history that the various races began to appear in Yliakum at about this time of year. Twivenis, the Verdant Wings, personifies the swiftness needed to survive in this new world while having reduced vitality and vigour due to the nature of travelling the Great Portals.

For the convenience of planning events, Byari was mapped to 7th May – 12th June, having 37 days on Earth.



Treman, the third month in the Yliakum calendar, symbolizes the transition to watchfulness and personal growth. In order for the first People to get along with one another in this new place they concentrated on their new-found common ground instead of clinging to their individual pasts. People born under Vooreva, the sign of Unified Vigilance, possess the unique gifts of persuasion and easier access to the magic most directly tied to the Azure Sun. As counterpoint, the sacrifices needed for unity put a drain on an individual's will, in support of the greater good.

For the convenience of planning events, Treman was mapped to 13th June – 18th July, having 36 days on Earth.



The month of Kravaan is the peak of the year, with enhanced plant growth throughout. Trees crowd together and stand as testament to the solidity of Yliakum's lush existence. Those born under the sign of Dohdeth, the Leaf of Fate, enjoy an enhanced resilience, but lack finesse and grace, much like the immobile forest they embody.

For the convenience of planning events, Kravaan was mapped to 19th July – 23rd August, having 36 days on Earth.



Quintahl, the fifth month in the Yliakum calendar year, is representative of the winding down of the crops' growth and festival planning. Harvest is always a time of celebration, and the Peoples of Yliakum plan decadent parties laden with food and gifts. The sign of Taarev the Hunter embodies the speed and accuracy required to hunt game in the wild, as well as being adept with small blades. Taarev would tire easily, however, and that limitation is passed on to those born under his sign.

For the convenience of planning events, Quintahl was mapped to 24th August – 28th September, having 36 days on Earth.



Azhord signifies the end of the growth season and the beginning of Harvest. This sixth month of the Yliakum calendar brings the Visions of the historic Seers to light as all People look to their past for guidance in their future. Divination is stronger in those born under Azriim's pearly influence, and increased mental faculties are inherited from the Seers of old. As physical prowess was historically not one of their strong points, people under Azriim's power have limits to their own.

For the convenience of planning events, Azhord was mapped to 29th September – 4th November, having 37 days on Earth.



The month of Ylaaren is the end of Harvest and the time when Yliakum turns a bit cooler. Natural vents in the cavern roof leak cold air that drifts heavily downward into the heart of the cone. People born in the time of Firannis the Warrior gain additional strength in anticipation of the changing season. Strength does not impart wisdom, however, which was the downfall of Firannis himself, a lesson often taught to younger children.

For the convenience of planning events, Ylaaren was mapped to 5th November – 10th December, having 36 days on Earth.



Dwanden, the eighth month of Yliakum, is marked by the annual formation of hoarfrost on the lower levels of Yliakum. Great furnaces were built in ancient times to provide warmth to the Peoples, both on solid ground and in the water. Steam begins appearing on the lake's surface as the furnaces below warm the watery environment for its denizens. Those born under Goreld's sign, that of the Great Forge, possess greater endurance and have a knack for using a forge to repair things, but gruff attitudes carried by those who disliked the cold weather are instilled in those born with Goreld's favours.

For the convenience of planning events, Dwanden was mapped to 11th December – 15th January, having 36 days on Earth.



The cold month of Novari brings frigid temperatures in the beginning, but a slight warming trend late in the month. Hoarfrost has thickened to resemble something that some races refer to as snow. Some ice flakes fall from the small vents in the cavern roof and settle on the upper levels, which begin to melt off as Novari draws to a close. Cheliss, the sign of Frostflow, symbolizes the Great Melt that occurs at the end of the month, swelling the lower lake to the edge of the Sixth. Those born under Cheliss' power find themselves in possession of a colder logic that helps them excel in matters of the mind, but suffer an intolerance of others that leads them to lesser paths of wisdom.

For the convenience of planning events, Novari was mapped to 16th January – 21st Febuary, having 37 days on Earth.



Yndoli, the tenth month in Yliakum calendars, signals the end of the cold season and the general warming of the climate in the cone. Avian creatures take to the skies and animals begin their mating rituals, while many beasts shed their old skins and grow in their new natural armours. The sign of Karkath the Beast Lord enhances the natural ability of one to make a favourable impression on those encountered, as mating hormones tend to make one more desirable, but also lowers the reasoning ability of many intelligent creatures.

For the convenience of planning events, Yndoli was mapped to 22st Febuary – 31th March, having 38-39 days on Earth.


The year is divided into four seasons of 80 days. It is divided into seasons because of the cultural heritages of the people coming from the surface and the observation of the cyclic phenomena of vegetable growth. Each season is also made up of 6 periods, giving a total of 24 periods per year.

  • First Season: 1st Unodin - 16th Treman
  • Second Season: 17th Treman - 32nd Quintahl
  • Third Season: 1st Azhord - 16th Dwanden
  • Fourth Season: 17th Dwanden - 32nd Yndoli