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yThe language of the Ylians was already well formed when they emerged from the stone labyrinths, and in the early days of their arrival in Yliakum many new words were formed in their vocabulary for the strange new sights that they saw. Their language has also been affected by the other races which they encountered already living in the stalactite.

Sound and pronunciation

In many ways the Ylian tounge has a simmilar sound to many modern european languages.Notable phonemes include an unusual rolling pronounciation of R,represented here as ɾ.

Simple words

  • Zaut(pronounced s'out):Greeting
  • Ai(pronounced Aye):Yes
  • Naa:No

Ylian Nouns

  • Azoɾ:Sun(Originally their word for blue but has now come to mean the azure sun,their original word for sun has been lost)

Ylian writing system

The Ylian writing system is a syllabary. Instead of having one symbol = one sound, one symbol = one syllable ( having one symbol for 'sa' rather then having two symbols for 's' and 'a') the letters in the alphabet are used for emphasis and to spell in names and foreign words.

The language is written right to left in horizontal lines top to bottom.

There are 2640 syllable dived in to in to two types . The sounds of the are dived in to three types.

The 1st group of sounds are the beginning consonant. They are GH/H H D T N R SH W Z L.

The 2nd group of sounds are the end consonant. They are P X B F K Q S TH V ZH M J CH NG

The 3rd group of sounds are the vowel. They are A AA A' AY E Y I O U UU

The 1st type is consist of a beginning consonant and a vowel or just a vowel. They are always written with the syllable symbol when it is a consonant and a vowel. When it is just a vowel it written with the alphabet/syllable. Example: gha, ri, i

The 2nd type consist is the of the f1st type with a consonant ending it. The consonant at the end can ether be a beginning consonant or an end consonant. The syllable is written with the syllable symbol for the 1st consonant and vowel with the alphabet symbol with the consonant at the end. Example an, dyn, hyd

basely the the 1st type of syllable is written with the syllable symbol ( or alphabet/syllable for a vowel). The 2ndsecound type is written with a syllable symbol (or alphabet/syllable for a vowel) with an alphabet symbol at the end for ending consonant.

Y = long e as in English e in me – IPA æ

UU = English oo in boot – IPA u

A = short a in the English a in apple – IPA æ

U = short u as in English u in Jug – IPA ʒʌ

E = short e in English e in jet – IPA ɛ

OO= long o in English o in no – IPA oʊ

O = short o in English o in dog – IPA ɔ

A' = in English a in about – IPA ə

AA= as in la - IPA ɑ

AY = long a in English a in ape -IPA eɪ

I = the English I – ipa aɪ

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