Ynnwn Fish Platter

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Ynnwn Fish Platter
Ynnwn Fish Platter
  • 1 Ynnwn Fish Platter


  1. Prepare Baked Ide
    1. Cut Ide into Cleaned Ide using Preparation Table with a Kitchen Knife.
    2. Combine Cleaned Ide, 2 Pinches of Salt, Wragberry Oil into Seasoned Ide.
    3. Bake Seasoned Ide into Baked Ide using Oven.
  2. Prepare Chopped Nuts:
    1. Combine 5 Burr Nuts, 4 Jookans, 5 Banuts, into Mixed Nuts.
    2. Cut Mixed Nuts into Chopped Nuts using Preparation Table with a Kitchen Knife.
  3. Combine Dash of Ground Wyn Reed, Baked Ide, Chopped Nuts, Juiceberry Juice into Unmixed Ynnwn Fish Platter.
  4. Blend Unmixed Ynnwn Fish Platter into Ynnwn Fish Platter using Wooden Bowl with a Mixer.