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There are many different commands which can be used within PlaneShift. Some commands help roleplaying, there are called "Roleplay Commands", there are others that are only useful for the Player (Player Commands), and some are useful for the character (Character Commands).

In the following table are a list of commands. Under the command header is, as you guessed, the command like "/target". The options are the different options which can be used when using this command. If there is a comma between two commands, this means that they cannot be used together e.g. "/target pc npc" won't work since you are asking to target a player character that is a non-player character. If there is a slash (/) between a set of commands, this is the order they have to be in. For example "/target pc next" will target a player character called which contains "next" in its name, whereas what you want is "/target next pc" which will target the next player character. If an option is in italic, this means that it has to be filled by the player. Please not as well that many commands and options are case sensitive, therefore "/target pc" will target a player character, however "/target Pc" won't.

Character Commands

Command Options Function
/target next / pc, npc, item / name Targets on something or someone depending on the options
  • next Targets the next thing or person
  • pc Targets a player
  • npc Targets a non-player character
  • item Targets an item
  • name Targets a thing or person containing "name"
/trade Start trading with the selected player.
/tellnpc message This is the default command when entering sending a message in the NPC channel

Give a message to an NPC

  • message The message to deliver
/say message This is the default command when entering sending a message in the main channel

Give a message to the players around you

  • message The message to deliver
/shout message Give a message all the players on the map
  • message The message to deliver

Player Commands

Command Options Function
/screenshot nogui / lossless Takes a screenshot and saves it under "screenshots" in your install directory
  • nogui Takes a screenshot without all the user interface
  • lossless Takes a screenshot without loosing any data
/pos Gives you your current position in the world.
/clear Clears all the data in all chat windows.
/advisormode on, off Used to toggle the advisor mode option
  • on Toggle the advisor mode on
  • off Toggle the advisor mode off
/advice player / message Give help to the player. This command is only available when the advisor mode is on, and you can only advice players who have asked for help
  • player The player's name goes in there
  • message The message to deliver.
/help message This is the default command when entering sending a message in the help channel

Give your message to the advisors.

  • message The message to deliver

RolePlay Commands

Command Options Function
/greet Greet the targeted person or everyone if no one is target. Makes the character do the movement to greet (e.g. wave)
/wave Makes the character wave
/bow Makes the character bow down
/kneel Makes the character kneel afront of everybody
/sit Makes the character sit on the ground
/me action Gives a system message the your character those an action (no animation)
  • action The action done by your character e.g. "juggle with four balls"