Davikel Iramok

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Davikel Iramok
Davikel Iramok
Race: Kran
Gender: N/A
Location: Gugrontid

This Kran has an official air. Davikel looks important.

Davikel lramok of Gugrontid is a relatively new Vigesimi, having been appointed a little over a year ago, and the only Kran on council. He looks after his mostly-Kran hometown, as well as farming towns in the Hydlaa sector such as Homestead and the ranch village of Kormia. All accounts point to him as intelligent and with a good memory, but quiet. When visiting another of his towns, he will let the village elders come to him and speak their minds: he will say very little, and implement suggestions to improve matters in short order. In council meetings he rarely speaks either: some say he is uncomfortable with the role of Vigesimi and will become vocal later, and others say he merely likes to listen. Villagers hold him in high regard.