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Useful hints when working on a wiki project
Don't rush.
Start with reading articles and sources and correcting typos.
  Grow slowly.
Doing changes, start with small ones before you write your own articles.
  There's no harm in asking.
If you are at a loss contact an experienced author, and don't be afraid to ask questions.
  Browse the wiki.
Start here or here and find something that peeks your interest.
Speak your mind.
Don't just write articles! Tell others what you think about their work, too.
There's a talk page for each article to post questions or suggestions.
  Talk to us.
Every user can have a page to introduce themselves and has a talk page to contact them.
  Sign, please!
End each of your posts with your signature to let others know who's speaking. Generate the signature by typing --~~~~. This will be replaced by name and date once you save the page.
Be nice.
If you don't like something, ask politely and friendly and you'll be answered in the same way.
  Assume good faith.
Another user has messed up an article? Probably not their intention. Ask maybe whether they need help.
  Use our templates.
That's what they're meant for.
  Now, how to do that?
It doesn't matter if your edits are not perfect. If you can't do it perfectly just do it and another user can polish it later. Wiki means team work.

And we are done.