Kikiri Soup

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Kikiri Soup
Kikiri Soup
  • 1 Kikiri Soup


  1. Equip "Meat and Stew Recipes"
  2. Prepare Boiling Salt Water
    1. Combine Water Filled Bucket, 4 Pinches of Salt, into Salt Water.
    2. Heat Salt Water into Hot Salt Water using Pot.
    3. Heat Hot Salt Water into Boiling Salt Water using Pot.
  3. Cut Kikiri Meat into Pile of Kikiri Meat Chunks using Preparation Table with Kitchen Knife.
  4. Combine Boiling Salt Water, 2 Sliced Carrots, 2 Sliced Pungent Tubers, 2 Dashes of Ground Wyn Reed, and Pile of Kikiri Meat Chunks into Uncooked Kikiri Soup.
  5. Heat Uncooked Kikiri Soup into Kikiri Soup using Pot.