Kore Irka-kor Clan

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Kore Irka-kor Clan
Founded: -
Leader: Akkaido Kivikar

The Kore Irka-kor is a fighter clan (not guild, though we use the guild mechanics) with a focus on RP and fairness to all players we encounter.

The Kore Irka-kor translates to the Kore Flame Clan. We are a sub-clan of the Kore Pack (the white tiger skin pack). Kore enkis can and will rank further than non-Kore enkis. That said there are two special ranks that can be attained no matter what the players race (even non-Enkidukai). These ranks are Thilyba (for female partners/wives of Kore Ylera and higher members) and Tabei Inu Jhu Kor (for those brought into the clan as honorary members, either for short-term assistance in a conflict, proven martial prowess and service to the guild martially over a long period of time, or for a great service/sacrifice martially for the Enkidukai people).

The Kore Irka Clan is in place only for the good of the Enkidukai people. Any member of the Kore Irka Clan is required to help any Enkidukai that genuinely requires lawful assistance. They are to obey the laws of the Octarchy unless declared specifically otherwise by the Nekaduky'a (a rare event, but maybe the odd assassination for RP here or there, etc.). Kore Irka members are NOT in any sworn to protect any non-Enkidukai citizens (I'm not biting off more than I can chew). We are here for the Enkidukai. That said, a Kore Irka member must NEVER commit wrongs against non-Enkidukai. Please contact me if a member does, and I will take both sides of the story and discuss appropriate punishment with my council if necessary.


Rank One : Dhavathu Thilha (Young Person). A new unproven member. This member has sworn to the Oaths of Kore and completed the Initiation of Flame. Civilian (non-Kore) initiates do not perform the sacred ceremony. They are encouraged to find a career path as quickly as possible.

Rank Two : Tlanna (Slave/Serf/Peasant). This person is for all intents and purposes a bonded servant. They are free to leave this duty at any time, however if done without the correct permission they will be asked to leave the Clan. The role of this rank is not so much to be a slave (that is simply the straight translation), but rather as a servant of the Clan. Sometimes non-Enkidukai characters may join the clan to be a servant to one of the members, in repayment for a great deed. Servants are always well-paid and well looked after in the Clan. The Clan has many guidelines on their treatment.

Rank Three : Zhagh Mantharor (Mage's Apprentice). This member has been taken under the wing of a guild-mage as their personal apprentice. It is a mutually beneficial relationship, the apprentice performs errands and tasks for the mage, who in return teaches him about magic. I will be encouraging the 'master' of each apprentice to attain extra glyphs, and assign RP tasks of equal difficulty to the quest(s) used to attain each glyph, to the Mantharor, and also the mage will be the one who teaches the apprentice different combinations to make spells and so on.

Rank Four : Nanol (Freeman). This citizen is non-bonded and is not a servant. They are free to pursue their own career. Typical peasant rank.

Rank Five : Vinkalor (Fighter). These members are like a militia, there is no skill level expectation in this rank, it is for any member who wishes to be a full time fighter (and not as a servant to an individual). Kore fighters begin their training in this rank. Note: if the clan is called to war, all members are expected to be capable of fighting to a modest degree.

Rank Six : Kore Finkyli (Kore Warrior). This rank is sacred, and the members of it are professional fighters, with many side-duties and ceremonies. To attain this rank, a Kore character must max Agility, Endurance, and Strength, and attain a total of 80 Weapon+Armour levels trained (so 40 Sword + 40 Heavy Armour, or 50/30, etc.) there must be at least 20 in an armour, and 30 in one weapon. Kore Finkyli train religiously, and often fight each other as practice. Their life revolves around perfecting their skill with a weapon.

Rank Seven : Namis Ylol (Masters of the Citizens/Civilians Council). These citizens have shown to be diligent and trustworthy, and also to have good skill in the career of their choice. One Master of each profession is chosen to be on this council (some are RP professions, such as writing, mercantile, etc.). Each Master has a certain amount of administrative ability over those in his career line. The Council as a whole also have the ability to make certain decisions in economic affairs. This the highest rank a non-Kore can get in the clan. The Council also regularly meets with the Kore Manthanol Council to discuss relevant issues, where the Namis Ylol can advise, but have no power to decide. They can invite new non-Kore to the guild.

Rank Eight : Kore Manthanol (Kore Elder/Master Council). This rank is my personal advisory Senate. they advise the Nekaduky'a on any decision I require advice on (most of them), and also play a heavy role in administration of the guild. They can invite new Kore members and perform the sacred Initiation of the Flame. Also, in order for our clan to go to war, the Manthanol Council must agree to it via a majority vote. To attain this rank, a character must have maxed Agility, Endurance and Strength, and 100 in a Weapon and Armour, or be a member of the Nekaduky'as RP family. Also good RP is required as the main factor in promotion in this guild.

Rank Nine : Nekaduky'a (Master). Chief Elder, a role passed down from one Nekaduky'a to the next, selected upon deathbed. In the rare case of permanent death on the battlefield, the Council will elect one of themselves to run the clan.

Our fighting focus is not a PLer type focus. There will be many RP events and ceremonies involving the clan and this focus, from our initiations to well RP'ed guild wars. Also, our treatment of Kore Finkyli and Manthanol as superior is IC only. The Guild Chat is open OOC and we all are treated equally as players, although the Manthanol and Namis Ylol Councils get more say as they are the most trusted members of the guild.

A note about language and Settings

The rank names are based on the Enkidukai Language in this wiki. If the 'official' Enkien language is changed, the Enkien names in the clan will change. According to the wiki, the Kore sector of Ojaveda is the military sector. As you can see in Ojaveda, Akkaio-Pack NPC Enkis are merchants (Jirosh, Toda, Phanejor). Therefore I [Akkaido Kivikar, original author] assume that each Pack has a role in Enkidukai society (as is heavily implied.) Therefore, I have taken Kore to be the military clan, and have set my guild to follow that role in Enkidukai society. I acknowledge outliers (individuals of a Pack that choose a separate profession) and as such have adjusted my ranking system to allow for members from all Packs. Should any of the Settings information surrounding Enkidukai society change enough to make my guild no longer fit Settings as it is publicly known, I will change the Kore Irka Clan to suit as much as I can. The Oaths of Kore are a Kore Irka specific oath, that sums up as “I will protect and help Enkidukai and be a good citizen, and strive to reach my goals.”