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1st The Dome
2nd The Barn
3rd Far Ground
4th Stronghold
5th Land's End
6th Lakeshore
7th Lower Field
8th The Deep

The sixth level of Yliakum is known as the Lakeshore or sometimes as The Lagoon.


A semi tropical marshy mangrove forest, the humid air is constantly filled with mist from the waterfalls cascading down from the Stronghold, two levels up.

Vast groves of trees sprouting citrus-like fruit grow from the rich, silty mud that forms the banks of the river-ways. In and amongst the partially exposed roots swim exotic-looking fish found nowhere else in Yliakum that enjoy the relative warmth of the waters.

Pools of water, topped up by spray from the waterfalls, are home to many types of shellfish, many of which are much sought after delicacies among the Klyros. If you want to brighten any Klyros' day, present them with a fresh crab from one of these pools.

Inhabiting Races

A Klyros Ground Farm

Escaping from the events of the Fifth Epoch during which the Ylian race attempted to chase off all other races from The Dome, the Klyros found that the Lagoon suited their living needs perfectly, providing the fish and shellfish they covet, as well as providing a natural resource to trade to the other levels. Since then, however, many Klyros have migrated back to the higher levels to work, trade or live, although most still have family ties to the Lakeshore and return to visit when they can.

The presence of the waterfalls have made their way into the Klyros way of life, with groups of young Klyros racing each other up alongside the vertical falls of water.