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Welcome to the official WikiWikiWeb of PlaneShift, the Free Open Source MMORPG.

This wiki is a community project to allow members of the community to improve official documentation. With the help of the community, we hope to keep documentation always up to date. To see the official documents available for reading and improving, scroll down to the "Official Docs" section below. Since the launch of the PlaneShift Wiki, we have also added the Language Project. By contributing to these pages, you can shape the development of the ingame languages of PlaneShift. Discuss on the talk pages any changes to pre-existing grammar rules, or existing vocabulary.


Remember: contributions to the PlaneShift wiki are contributions to PlaneShift, and must be released under the Atomic Blue Contribution (ABC) License By creating an account and registering on the PlaneShift wiki, you acknowledge that you have read and agree to place your contributions under the ABC license. You must register and log in in order to edit pages. For a more detailed explanation of this policy, make sure to read Licensing Contributions before registration.