Seeds of Wildwood

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Xiosia is the Goddess of nature, a nurturing mother which gives life to everything we see.

The worshipers of Xiosia are organized under the name of Seeds of Wildwood. Their place is the nature and they promote harmony in Yliakum.

  • Festivals related to the harvest and preparations for the natural events of the year are often heralded by the Seeds of Wildwood.
  • They organize themselves in groves and parks.
  • Xiosia's followers are for the most part peaceful, productive and creative; particularly in regards to growing and living in harmony with the natural world around them.
  • They are known for their love of nature and of all its varied creatures.
  • They tend to be fatalistic, knowing death is a part of the natural cycle.
  • Despoiling of nature is considered blasphemous and Xiosia's wrath can be mighty. All followers of Xiosia will turn on any person or persons who commit such acts.

Xiosia's followers build no temples and prefer to worship in groves and gardens specially prepared and sacred to Xiosia, places such as the Secret Garden in Hydlaa. That is just one example: every large city has at least one small area given over completely to nature in the same way.

They also worship in Sacred Groves, planted in the wilderness.