Spicy Pan-Fried Coppernose

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Spicy Pan-Fried Coppernose
Spicy Pan-Fried Coppernose
  • 1 Spicy Pan-Fried Coppernose


  1. Prepare Fried Pepper Garnish
    1. Combine Pat of Butter, Diced Bogo Pepper, Pinch of Barberry, into Uncooked Pepper Garnish.
    2. Panfry Uncooked Pepper Garnish into Fried Pepper Garnish using Iron Skillet.
  2. Prepare Pan-Fried Coppernose:
    1. Cut Coppernose into Cleaned Coppernose using Preparation Table with a Kitchen Knife.
    2. Cut Cleaned Coppernose into 2 Filleted Coppernoses using Preparation Table with a Kitchen Knife.
    3. Combine Filleted Coppernose, Pat of Butter into Buttery Coppernose.
    4. Panfry Buttery Coppernose into Pan-Fried Coppernose using Iron Skillet.
  3. Combine Pan-Fried Coppernose, Fried Pepper Garnish, Juiceberry Juice, into Unmixed Spicy Coppernose.
  4. Mix Unmixed Spicy Coppernose into Spicy Pan-Fried Coppernoses using Wooden Bowl with a Wooden Spoon.