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Trias are the currency of Yliakum. It is possible to see how many you have in your inventory window.

There you can see four different kinds of coins:

  • Tria icon.png - Tria - with a monetary value of 1 Tria.
  • Hexa icon.png - Hexa - with a monetary value of 10 Tria, it is worth 10 Tria.
  • Octa icon.png - Octa - with a monetary value of 50 Tria, it is worth 5 Hexa.
  • Circle icon.png - Circle - with a monetary value of 250 Tria, it is worth 5 Octa.

The above are the official currency, however some merchants accept coins made out of a precious alloy when they are dealing with large sums of money. This avoids carrying bagfuls of trias.

A Tria is shaped like a triangle, Hexa is shaped like a hexagon, Octa is shaped like an octagon and a Circle is shaped like a circle.

It is possible to convert different coins into each other by opening a personal banking account in Hydlaa. The banker will charge a small fee for the exchange. Asking other players for change in a role playing manner is potentially a better option though.

Another possibility is to employ the services of the treasury that offers currency exchange for free. They have a representative in Hydlaa.

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