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|Die, Idle
|Die, Idle
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|Die, Hit, Idle
|Die, Hit, Idle

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Gear.png This icon represents the items under work, which are needed as soon as possible.

Splash Screen MISSING
Authentication DONE
Character Selection Basics done, improve UI needed
Character Creation - Name, Gender, Race DONE
Character Creation - Quick Paths Basics done
Character Creation - Custom MISSING
UI - Inventory (display items, pick up / drop items) DONE
UI - Inventory (stacks management) DONE
UI - Inventory (view item details, tooltip window) DONE
UI - Inventory (Slots movement within inventory window) DONE
UI - Inventory (Containers management) DONE
UI - Inventory (3d doll view) MISSING
UI - Character Skills DONE
UI - Quickbar / Shortcut Window DONE
UI - Guilds/Alliances DONE
UI - Chat (text) DONE
UI - Chat Bubbles on top of characters DONE
UI - Options - Display DONE
UI - Options - Audio DONE
UI - Options - Key Bindings DONE
UI - Options - Chat DONE
UI - Stats (HP, Mana, Stamina) DONE
UI - Buddies/Friends/Group MISSING
UI - Petitions MISSING
Books - Display content of a book (text and images) DONE
Books - Write a book DONE
Gear.png Harvesting - /dig /harvest PARTIAL
Maps - Display content of a map MISSING
Maps - Draw a map MISSING
Gear.png Items - Lock/Unlock PARTIAL
Context Menu - Items on ground (pick up / view details) DONE
Context Menu - Containers on ground (pick up / view details) DONE
Context Menu - NPCs (display items, pick up / drop items) DONE
Context Menu - Action locations (enter, lock, view details, ...) DONE

Character - show equipment (helm, weapon, shield, ..) PARTIAL (missing bracers?)
Character - traits (hair, skin color, tattoos, ...) DONE
Character - movement (walk, run, sprint, jump) DONE
Character - Climb (players and NPC) MISSING
Character - Emotes DONE
Gear.png Character - Upper torso animations (spellcasting, shooting with bow) PARTIAL
Character - Riding (horses, creatures) PARTIAL
Quests - UI DONE basics, missing personal notes
Quests - Talk DONE
Quests - Give Item DONE
Quests - Receive Item DONE
Quests - Rewards (items, factions, exp) DONE
Quests/NPC Responses - Audio Voiceovers DONE
Loot window - UI DONE
Gear.png Combat - PVP MISSING
Gear.png Combat - PVE (attack, roll) PARTIAL preliminary version, missing BLOCK
Gear.png Combat - Spells PARTIAL need to test more spells, convert the particles
Combat - Attack queue MISSING
Combat - Stances MISSING
Gear.png Combat - Death MISSING

Spell/research - UI DONE
Gear.png Spells - Cast and apply effect PARTIAL, need more spells
Spells - Spell list UI DONE
Spells - Research Window UI DONE
Gear.png Spells - Active spell UI MISSING
Gear.png Spells - Particles (convert to new system) MISSING

Action Manager DONE
Advice Manager MISSING
Economy Manager MISSING
Gear.png GM Event Manager MISSING
Hire NPC Manager MISSING
Introduction Manager MISSING
Marriage Manager MISSING
Minigame Manager MISSING
Paladin Jr (Anticheat system) MISSING
Server Song Manager (Scores, play, instruments) MISSING
Tutorial Manager MISSING
Weather Manager (day/night cycle) DONE
Weather Manager (rain/snow/fog) PARTIAL, we have rain/snow/fog but not scheduled

Decal Manager - managing icons on shields, mantle, weapon, MISSING
Crafting DONE, needs lot of testing
Banking - UI DONE
Banking - Server side DONE
Storage- UI DONE
Storage - Server side DONE
Gear.png Progression PARTIAL player gets experience in quests and combat
Music (musical scores, instruments, ...) MISSING
Tutorial MISSING
commands in the chat /who /me /advise /help .... Partial, we have admin manager in
Social - Buddies MISSING
Social - Friends MISSING
Social - Alliances DONE
Social - Guilds DONE
Gear.png NPCs - movement / daily cycle Partial, NPC AI is working
Gear.png NPCs - perceptions (listen, get attacked, proximity...) Partial, they react to time
NPCs - speech (audio) MISSING
NPCs - tribes (tribe growth) MISSING
Gear.png NPCs - combat PARTIAL , they take damage, and fight back
Gear.png NPCs - combat spells MISSING
NPCs - Pets (acquisition, follow, summon/unsummon, ...) MISSING
Gear.png Instances - for Guilds and Dungeons MISSING
Launcher MISSING

World and items

World - Podium map (char creation) DONE
World - Tutorial DONE
World - Hydlaa Plaza DONE
World - Hydlaa East (Jayose) DONE
World - Hydlaa Jayose Shop DONE
World - Hydlaa Smith Shop DONE
World - Hydlaa Tavern De Kadel DONE
World - Hydlaa Laanx Temple DONE
World - Hydlaa Laanx Dungeon DONE
World - Hydlaa Windowless Tower DONE
World - Hydlaa Arena + corridor DONE
World - Hydlaa Sewers DONE
World - Hydlaa->Ojaveda DONE
World - Hydlaa->Gugrontid DONE
World - Korogan (connection under Stalagmite in Ojaroad and BDRoad) DONE
World - Gugrontid + Gug Tavern DONE
World - Gugrontid->Bronze Doors DONE
World - Bronze Doors DONE
World - Magic Shop DONE
World - Death Realm DONE; WORKING ON ARENA
World - Winch DONE
World - Caves 01 DONE
World - Caves 02 DONE
World - Caves 03 DONE
World - Lava Cave DONE
World - Cave Room DONE
World - Guild Simple DONE
World - Guild Law DONE
World - Guild Gugrontid DONE
World - Guild Ojaveda DONE
World - Guild Amdeneir DONE
World - Blackflame DONE

Items - books DONE
Items - food PARTIAL
Items - furniture DONE
Items - glyphs DONE
Items - helms DONE
Items - items MISSING
Items - jewelry PARTIAL (Ring mesh)
Items - money DONE
Items - naturalres DONE
Items - plants DONE
Items - potions DONE
Items - shields DONE
Items - tools PARTIAL (3 MESH AND TEX)
Items - weapons PARTIAL


Gear.png Database - Coordinates convertion system characters.loc_* MISSING
Gear.png Database - Coordinates convertion system action_locations.position and action_locations.response MISSING
Database - Convert textures and meshes of item_stats table MISSING
Database - update traits table to use IDs instead of strings MISSING
Database - fill out spells.casting_effect MISSING
Database - fix item_instances.location_in_parent for the items in a container MISSING
Database - books changed XML format MISSING
Database - action location quotes MISSING


Name Animation Status Scale in cal3d file
Arangma Attack, Die, Hit, Idle, Run, Walk DONE 1
Archerytarget Die, Idle DONE 100
Carkarass Attack, Death, Hit, Idle, Run, Walk MISSING . TESTED, mesh and idle ok, die animation disconnects the tail 1
Clacker Attack, Die, Hit, Idle, Run, Walk DONE 0.03
Coamti Attack, Die, Hit, Idle, Run, Walk DONE 1.05
Consumer Attack, Die, Hit, Idle, Run, Walk DONE (consumer2, consumer3 texture converted from dds) 0.1
Derghir Attack, Die, Hit, Idle, Idle - Var1, Walk DONE (missing derghir_color1 texture) 0.35
Drifter Attack, Attack - Idle, Die, Hit, Idle, Run, Walk MISSING 0.42
Gawert Attack, Attackidle, Attackvar, Die, Hit, Idle, Idlevar, Run, Walk MISSING 1
Ghosthand Attack, Attack - Var1, Idle DONE 1
Gobble Attack, Die, Hit, Idle, Run, Sit, Sitidle, Walk MISSING (problem with skeleton multi root import) 0.005
Gorweal Attack, Die, Hit, Idle, Run, Walk DONE 0.6
Grendol Attack, Die, Hit, Idle, Run, Walk DONE 0.3
Groffel Idle, Walk DONE 1.3
Kikiri Attack, Attackidle, Die, Hit, Look, Peck, Run, Sit, Stand, Stretch, Stretch2, Walk MISSING (lost original model, wrote to Karyuu and Trymm asking for it) 2
Kormi Idle, Idle - Var1, Run, Walk DONE 1
Lavvar Attack, Attackidle, Attackvar, Die, Hit, Idle, Idle - Var, Idle - Var2, Idle - Var3, Run, Sitidle, Walk MISSING 1
Pterosaur Attack, Attack - Idle, Die, Fly, Hit, Idle, Idle - Var, Run, Walk MISSING 8
Rat Attack, Die, Hit, Idle, Run, Walk DONE 0.018
Riverling Attack, Attackidle, Attackvar1, Death, Hit, Riverling, Idle, Idlevar0, Idlevar1, Idlevar2, Jump, Run, Walk MISSING 1
Rivnak Idle, Idle - Var1, Run, Walk DONE 0.28
Rogue Attack, Attackidle, Attackidle - Var1, Attack - Var1, Death, Hit, Idle, Idle - Var1, Idle - Var2, Ride - Horse, Run, Walk MISSING 0.01
Tefusang Attack, Death, Hit, Idle, Run, Walk DONE 0.005
Tloke Attack, Attack - Idle, Death, Hit, Idle, Idlevar1, Run, Walk MISSING (have model, rig and one idle animation, missing other animations) 0.9
Trainingdummy Die, Hit, Idle DONE 100
Trepor Attack, Death, Hit, Idle, Run, Walk DONE 0.02
Ulbernaut Attack, Death, Hit, Idle, Idle - Var, Run, Walk MISSING 0.1
Velnishi Attack, Attack - Idle - 001, Attack - Idle - 002, Attack - Var1, Die, Hit, Idle, Idle - Var1, Run, Sneak, Walk MISSING 1
Yulbar Idle, Run, Walk DONE 0.02